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The figures and forecasts provided by our Allianz global research network are designed to back your decisions on investment and in finance and insurance matters.

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Your Career @ AIM

Join us at Allianz Investment Management to build the strongest insurance investor!

At AIM you will work in a complex and challenging environment linking capital markets, investment management and insurance business. This unique situation offers a great variety of career opportunities in the financial industry. To be successful and achieve outstanding results, we are looking for ambitious people who are constantly eager for challenges, ongoing learning and high performance.

Find out more about different job profiles at AIM in our Hubs or Global Functions:


The teams in the Hubs are responsible for the actual portfolios of the Allianz insurance companies in the respective regions. One entry position in the Hubs we regularly offer is the so-called “Analyst”-position.

In a first step as Analyst you will receive a thorough induction into the way we are managing investments providing you with a profound basis for your career at AIM. One of your first tasks will be monitoring of portfolios and preparation of portfolio analysis. After a successful introduction time you will expand your interaction with the counterparts at the insurance units as well as the local investment units. As soon as you have gained comprehensive investment experience, ideally also in a different Hub or in one of our global expert teams, you will assume more responsibility and eventually become responsible for smaller portfolios. At that time you will also participate more actively in global investment management through stronger collaboration with one of our dedicated global expert teams.

Global Functions

The teams in the Global Functions provide and aggregate expertise across Hubs. Hence, in the Global Functions we regularly look for people with profound professional experience. Typically, employees have already worked in one of our Hubs, in another Allianz Company abroad or somewhere else in the financial industry.

We offer positions as Associate in the Global Functions, where you will take on the exciting tasks of preparing investment analysis on a global scale, developing recommendations and providing guidance to the colleagues being responsible for the portfolios. Based on your knowledge of industry trends you are able to track and monitor strategic developments in the markets and come up with your own proposals, tailor-made to the investment needs of the Hubs.

Another possibility is the position as an Asset Class Team Head – a senior team member in the Global Functions responsible for the strategic development of the respective asset class. Asset Class Team Heads are close to the markets and have a thorough understanding of insurance needs paired with strong capital markets expertise.

Interns and working students at AIM SE

An internship or working student activity with Allianz Investment Management SE offers you the perfect opportunity to gain hands-on experience in an investment context. Deepen your knowledge, span a network and get to know our company in various parts of our value chain – all you need is curiosity, motivation, willingness to learn and commitment. We offer internships and working student jobs not only to give candidates the possibility to get to know daily business operations. At AIM you will gain practical experience but also give yourself a competitive edge for your future career.

Who we are looking for…

We are looking for young talents with excellent academic performance, preferably with a focus on investments or banking, who are meeting the following requirements:

  • You are enrolled as a student currently studying in your third semester or higher or taking a gap year between your bachelor’s and master’s degree. During your studies it is a prerequisite for an internship with us that you have a valid matriculation certificate for the duration of your employment.
  • You are available for at least 3 months
  • You are characterized by strong analytical thinking, very good interpersonal and communication skills and the passion to work in a dynamic team as well as a fast changing environment
  • You want to play an integral part in our team, and contribute your ideas as well as at the same time learn from your colleagues
  • You are fluent in written and spoken English
  • You are service- and results-oriented
  • Previous work experience in financial services or from a position abroad is a plus
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To gain the most out of your stay at AIM, your internship shall not be shorter than three months. Ideally, your stay exceeds three months to work on projects from beginning to end and be able to see some results.

Induction day

Once a month, an induction to Allianz interns and working students from all Allianz companies in Munich is offered.

Teach-ins for all interns and working students at AIM SE

We regularly organize “Teach-ins” for our interns and workings students in which experts from various areas of AIM give presentations on investment topics. It is a great opportunity to meet with our AIM professionals and ask questions as well as gain interesting and beneficial insights in investment/finance topics. The opportunity for networking is highly appreciated by our interns and working students.

AIM Experience

The following is what some AIM employees had to say about their reasons for working at AIM, how they have developed during their time at AIM and which competencies they need most.

What are your key reasons to work for AIM?

"In AIM you work together in a team with very experienced and great people from all over the world. The subjects AIM is covering are very diverse and challenging. It’s fun being creative as you are asked to bring in your own ideas and to think out of the box."

"Allianz Group’s insurance portfolios are managed by AIM, which make us a strong player in the Allianz Group’s Value Chain. Another aspect, which makes AIM an attractive company, is that people are encouraged to developed themselves. As far as I am concerned, I decided to enroll in the CFA Program. Support from AIM was more than just words, I got additional holidays for study leave and an attractive bonus when I finally become a CFA charter holder."

How have you developed since starting at AIM?

"I joined AIM after having worked almost 4 years as an auditor of investment funds in Luxembourg. From this experience I gathered rather accounting and technical financial instruments experience. This is why I started naturally within the local planning and controlling sub-team. Over the first two years I was able to understand in-depth the job as an investment manager. From this experience, I had the opportunity to join a more tactical position within the global equity team."

"I started in the team managing German P/C portfolios I was able to move through many topics covered by AIMs investment value chain. I’m currently looking forward to expand upon that knowledge by taking over an investment management role for Allianz insurance portfolios in the CEE region."

What competencies do you use/need most?

“In my view the ability to grasp new and complex issues quickly is the most important competency as topics are changing frequently and problems are usually not solvable just taking “one side of the coin” into account.”

“In my perspective to be communicative, curious, open minded, engaged and to be open for challenges is most important.”

What do you enjoy most about working at AIM?

“Having the feeling of living in a small global village when I get to talk to my colleagues in Singapore, Munich and the United States on the same day in 3 different languages.”

“Allianz is a global company, and capital markets are global. But at AIM, I get to enjoy a truly international environment, working with people across the globe, for insurance portfolios across the globe.”

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