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The figures and forecasts provided by our Allianz global research network are designed to back your decisions on investment and in finance and insurance matters.

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  AIM Objectives

AIM is a liability-driven and long-term investor. As such, AIM strives for:

  • Maximizing Group’s global resources via superior investment solutions
  • Competitive results at acceptable levels of risk
  • Trust and impeccable reputation with partners
  • High employee motivation and excellent development

AIM’s Role within Allianz: A Bridge Between Two Worlds

Allianz - aim-vlaue-chain

AIM is responsible for steering the investment of premiums earned by Allianz insurance companies worldwide in the life/health as well as the property/casualty segment.

Hence, AIM turns premiums from insurance customers into investment returns and builds the bridge between the insurance and the investment world.

The execution of the investments is performed by selected asset managers.

  AIM Organization

More than 500 professionals with a diverse range of backgrounds drive AIM in supporting Allianz being the strongest financial community.

AIM operates as a global network of local offices (more than 60 countries). These offices are organized in regional hubs: Munich, Milan, Minneapolis, Paris and Singapore. This set-up covers life/health and property/casualty portfolios of every Allianz insurance company.

Allianz - aim-global
To allow for a best practice implementation of AIM’s investment approach for every portfolio, global functional teams provide expertise across hubs.

Both the heads of the hubs (regional Chief Investment Officers) and the heads of global functions are part of the investment management board that leads AIM.

Allianz - AIM_Organizational_Structure

  AIM History

AIM, short for Allianz Investment Management, was founded in 2007 as a European Company (Societas Europaea) within the Allianz Group. Paul Achleitner, back then member of the Board of Allianz Group primarily responsible for finance and investments, recognized the potential to further strengthen and unify investment knowledge within the Allianz Group. Centralizing investment activities enabled Allianz to take advantage of its global network.

AIM established hubs in Munich, Paris, Milan, Singapore, and Minneapolis, bringing together professionals with diverse backgrounds from local entities and throughout the Allianz Group. Closer collaboration, across not only national borders but also professional and academic backgrounds, fosters AIM’s ambition to become the strongest insurance investor worldwide.

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Investment Approach

AIM’s investment approach is based on principles of liability-driven and long-term investing.

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Join us at Allianz Investment Management to build the strongest insurance investor!