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  Providing specialist insurance solutions to the global oil and gas industry

Oil & Gas

Meeting the challenges of the worldwide oil and gas industry requires a partner with exceptional expertise and truly global insurance capabilities. Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty is that partner.

We offer many years of knowledge and experience of working with clients across the oil and gas sector to deliver specialist insurance services, backed up by major capacity to manage the largest energy risks plus an outstanding reputation for pragmatic and responsive claims and risk consulting.

With specialists in aviation, engineering, liability, energy (both offshore and onshore), marine hull and liabilities, marine cargo (including project cargo), inland marine (including warehousing), financial lines, and risk consulting. Our portfolio covers every stage of complex energy projects and operations - from construction through to operations and decommissioning.

  Tailor-made insurance services for our oil and gas industry clients

Oil and gas sector clients need the flexibility of our underwriting expertise and capacity, with the financial security of our market-leading 'AA' Standard & Poor's and A+ A.M.Best ratings.

Whether on a rig in the North Sea or a refinery in Texas City, our global network and comphensive range of insurance services ensure that we have the oil and gas industry covered:

  • Underwriting specialists with the expertise to address the complex needs of the industry.

  • Claims specialists with experience settling tough claims.

  • Risk consulting expertise that reduces exposure before loss occurs.

  • Engineering expertise in the construction of petrochemical plants, refineries and other large onshore projects.

  • Extensive international underwriting and claims experience – with local services.

  • Clients ranging from multinationals, national oil and gas companies and regional producers, to joint ventures and private equity firms.

  • Experience providing options to clients, such as long-term partnering arrangements and the capability to cover every oil and gas exposure

  • Representation in more than 150 countries worldwide

  • Market-leading capacity to handle the largest of risks

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