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Romance on Valentine's Day – but divorces are on the rise

"According to marriage statistics almost every second marriage in Germany will end in divorce. Figures from the German Federal Office of Statistics reveal that 382,000 couples tied the knot in Germany in 2010, compared to over 187,000 divorces in the same period. This puts the divorce rate in Germany at 49 percent, above the average for the EU. Unfortunately, some countries have even higher divorce rates, for example Belgium, The Czech Republic and Hungary", says Allianz expert Michaela Grimm.

Statistically speaking, the average marriage in Germany lasts 14 years and 2 months. Divorce is particularly common after 16-20 years of marriage. The "seven-year itch" is also a real-life phenomenon. Divorce rates show that many couples split up after five to seven years of marriage. Incidentally, divorce proceedings are initiated by the woman in more than half of cases.

The "seven-year itch" is a real-life phenomenon

Many couples, and especially women, who are in seventh heaven in the early phase of their relationship and marriage, often fail to realize what the social trends and data mean. A rule of thumb is that both partners in a marriage should have their own pension scheme independent of their better half.

This is especially true for women. Even if the wife is employed, women in Germany still earn nearly a quarter less than their male counterparts. Nor does the gap diminish after retirement. Those who earn less throughout life and often also take time off from their career to raise children should take special care to ensure an adequate income in old age – particularly in view of the fact that women live longer than men.

Don't let yourself be put off love because of mere statistics

Don't let yourself be put off love because of mere statistics. But don't forget to plan properly for your retirement either. And if all goes well – all the better!

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