Investing in a changing climate

Ludovic Subran, Chief Economist and Head of Economic Research at Allianz, and Markus Zimmer, Senior Economist for Sustainability at Allianz, Research, recently released Investing in a Changing Climate: Navigating Challenges and Opportunities. An important book, it aims to guide investors and policymakers through the complexities of investing in a world grappling with runaway climate change and to identify the best solutions for effectively addressing these challenges.

Allianz Risk Barometer: A cyber event is the top global business risk for 2024

The top risks and major risers in this year's annual business risk survey reflect the big issues facing companies around the world right now - digitalization, climate change and an uncertain geopolitical environment. Many of these risks are already hitting home, with extreme weather, ransomware attacks and regional conflicts expected to test the resilience of supply chains and business models further.

Climate Change Trade-Offs: what does it take to keep our world insurable?

Some risks are now so great that they exceed the capacity of insurers. A newly published Allianz Research report indicates that the frequency of extreme weather events is raising concerns about insurance's availability and affordability.

2024: A year of political turmoil and economic uncertainty

The year 2024 is set to be one of significant political upheaval and economic instability. As countries representing 60% of the global GDP head to the polls, governments, businesses, and households are adopting a widespread 'wait-and-see' attitude that will likely delay critical economic decisions.

The New Reality for Financial Professionals

Allianz Life study finds large majority of Americans believe working with a financial professional would be beneficial, yet most do not do so. How can financial professionals close the gap?

Climate change remains a concern, while climate literacy decreases significantly

More and more people see climate change as a serious threat, but at the same time have less and less basic knowledge about global warming and its consequences.

High anxiety meets low literacy in the fight against climate change

The second edition of Allianz Research’s Climate Literacy Survey, which encompassed almost 8,000 individuals across eight diverse countries, uncovers that nearly half (48.2%) of respondents possess low climate literacy, a significant increase from 2021.

Visions of tomorrow’s Europe – fair, secure and sustainable

Europe’s young adults face a daunting future, have a firm understanding of the world they want to live in, but fear strong forces are working against them. Their challenge is to step up and become the movers of tomorrow. Society’s responsibility is to support them, a new Allianz Foundation study reveals.

Allianz Social Resilience Index

Allianz Research’s newly published Social Resilience Index (SRI), which encompasses 12 indicators measuring economic and social vulnerabilities for 185 countries, marked a decline, amplifying the potential for social risk.