Allianz Partners: States of Mind New Mobility Report

Mobility is going through a huge transition. Our report explores three mindset shifts changing the sector: the growing appetite for greener transport options, the move away from ownership of vehicles, and people’s increasing openness to new forms of micro-mobility.

Allianz Partners: International Vacation Confidence Index - Summer 2023

Allianz Partners’ Vacation Confidence Index finds: • Heightened demand for international travel with a significant decline in health and geopolitical concerns. • Traveler concerns about environmental risks like fire and floods are high.

Allianz Safety & Shipping Review 2023

Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty’s (AGCS) annual Safety and Shipping Review identifies loss trends and highlights a number of risk challenges for the maritime sector. This link will take you to the AGCS website.

Insurance is a vital shock absorber in uncertain times

Despite economic challenges, the insurance industry has shown resilience in the face of shocks, acting as a buffer and providing stability during times of high inflation and low growth.

Financial worries fuel a growing health crisis

Economic pressures are exacerbating the global health crisis, with income inequality contributing to the divide in health outcomes between low- and high-earning individuals.

High food prices: great interest in Allianz research study

Since the beginning of this year, food prices have become a major driver of overall inflation and are expected to account for almost a third of inflation in Europe. Even though overall inflation has started slowing, our experts expect food inflation to remain high for at least another quarter before price pressures abate.

Plastic perils mount up

There is now an estimated 30 million tonnes of plastic waste in seas and oceans and 109 million tonnes in rivers. What are the risks associated with plastic production and usage, and how can firms reduce their exposures? This article is part of Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty's (AGCS) Global Risk Dialogue.

Allianz Global Insolvency Report

Allianz Trade releases today its Global Insolvency Report and reviewed its forecasts of business insolvencies for 2023 and 2024. According to the world’s leading trade credit insurer, after a small rebound in 2022 (+2%), global insolvencies are set to bounce by +21% in 2023 and +4% in 2024.

Drivers are too distracted by modern technology

A recent Allianz report finds that driver distraction due to modern technology has increased significantly. Distractions caused by using modern technology while driving increase the risk of accidents by 50 percent. Findings show that texting has ousted talking on the phone as the main cell phone offense, and driver monitoring is opposed by a majority.