Drive safely despite holiday stress
Drive safely despite holiday stress

Holidays are supposed to be happy times, but we all know how stressful they can be. According to the accident researchers at the Allianz Center for Technology (AZT), driver distraction is the most underestimated risk when driving. The danger of being distracted and having an accident increases during the hectic run-up to Christmas.

Allianz Global Wealth Report: Equity boom spurs asset growth
Equity boom spurs asset growth

Global gross financial assets at new record level of EUR 111 trillion / Debt growth remains subdued / Above-average asset development in Germany since the crisis / Germany in 17th place in the global league table / Low interest rates driving change in savings behavior / In poor countries, the number of wealthy people is on the rise, while in rich countries the low wealth class is on the up

50+ Europeans fear inflation erodes their pension pot, says AllianzGI ie größten Sorgen
50+ Europeans fear inflation erodes their pension pot, says AllianzGI

According to pan-European research conducted by Allianz in close co-operation with Allianz Global Investors*, many 50 to 70 year olds are uncertain if they can maintain their current standard of living in retirement, and will need to build additional savings to achieve their goals.

Modern women avoiding "Younger Wife's Curse”
Modern women avoiding "Younger Wife's Curse”

Wives worldwide generally younger and live longer than husbands / Greater financial literacy among women helps avoid old-age poverty / Women now becoming more financially independent

Jay Ralph: “In the current situation, investors are well advised to take greater responsibility for adequate investment planning and should ’Rethink Retirement’ – particularly those people close to retirement age”
Impact of euro debt crisis on 50+ investors

Older generation trusts the euro / French and Italians perceive largest negative impact from European debt crisis on their personal financial situation / European majority fear tax hikes and increasing inflation rates

Filling a gap: English artist Ben Wilson has found his own unique style by using small pieces of chewing gum as canvasses for his miniature paintings.
Mind the gap

Pressure on pension systems is forcing governments to rethink their pension policies. To avoid an income gap for future retirees, policy makers must address sustainability and find useful definitions of adequacy.

It’s time to Rethink Retirement
It’s time to Rethink Retirement

Pension reforms have begun to change income mix of private households / Lifetime benefits were cut in 16 OECD countries on average by 22% for men and 25% for women /  New Allianz report reveals: rise of elderly in workforce - more 60 to 64 year olds are employed than ten years ago – biggest increase in Germany and the Netherlands

According to UN estimates, there are currently around 343,000 centenarians worldwide, and by 2050 this figure is likely to have risen to 3.2 million, i.e. to ten times as many (Copyright: Reuters in connection with Allianz).
The centenarians club is booming

The number of centenarians will increase ten-fold by 2050 / Every second newborn baby in Germany will live to over 100 years old / East-African naked mole rats could be the key to the secret of longevity