Allianz Euro Monitor 2012
Reforms in peripheral countries starting to bear fruit

Belgium, Greece, Portugal and Spain improve their overall score on last year / Germany, Austria and Luxembourg top the ranking / Germany, France and Ireland maintain their overall score / 10 of 17 eurozone countries see their overall score drop

Despite the ups and downs on the financial markets - life insurance remains secure and profitable
Despite the ups and downs on the financial markets - life insurance remains secure and profitable

Life insurance plays a key role in helping to stabilize the financial markets / Conservative investment policy spared customers hefty losses during the crisis / Life insurance is the most important tool for offering protection against life's risks, such as poverty in old age

Global asset growth plummets
Global asset growth plummets

Today, Allianz unveiled the third edition of its "Global Wealth Report", which puts the asset and debt situation of private households in more than 50 countries under the microscope. The report shows that the marked recovery in financial assets witnessed in the aftermath of the financial crisis of 2007/08 came to an abrupt standstill last year: net per capita financial assets increased by only 0.6% in 2011, as against 7.8% and 9.7% in the years 2009 and 2010.

1000 cars for greater safety
1000 cars for greater safety

The European research project euroFOT has demonstrated the increased safety provided by driver assistance systems in real traffic for the first time. The Allianz Center for Technology supported this effectiveness analysis. Allianz will be making use of these results for its global strategic partnerships with the automotive industry.

Typically "Germanic"

In a manner best be described as "Germanic", Europe's economic giant has been slowly and methodically working to address the demographic challenge to its pension system.

Body care behind the wheel

According to the latest accident research of the Allianz Center for Technology (AZT), many people are carrying out everyday tasks whilst driving in their cars – such as changing clothes or body care – and none of them can pay enough attention to the task at hand. Every tenth accident is related to distraction.

Upswing in Germany regaining momentum

1.0 percent growth expected in 2012, 2.0 percent 2013 / Consumer demand remains key mainstay / Unemployment set to fall further to 2,5 million by end-2013 / Public-sector budget almost in balance by 2013

Climate changes business models

How does climate change affect the business model of a large insurance company? In a unique consortium including JBA Consulting, InterMap Technologies, the UK Met Office, WWF Germany and Allianz SE public and private expertise was combined in order to scientifically assess this question. The unparalleled study proves the viability of using currently available methods and data to manage future extreme risks.

Romance on Valentine's Day – but divorces are on the rise

In many parts of the world Valentine's Day is a day of celebration for lovebirds, sweethearts and married couples alike. But despite all the fine romance - reality looks quite different. "Forevermore" is becoming rare.