New Dividend policy with increased pay-out ratio of 50 percent

The board of management and the supervisory board of Allianz SE have decided to alter their dividend policy to target an increase in pay-out ratio from 40 to 50 percent of the Allianz Group net income (attributable to shareholders).


In the interest of dividend continuity, the objective is to keep the dividend per share at least at the level paid in the previous year. It is further intended to evaluate and return to the shareholders the unused budget earmarked for external growth every three years. The first evaluation would take place at the end of 2016. The dividend policy is subject to a sustainable Solvency II ratio above 160 percent.

This dividend policy represents the current intention of the board of management and the supervisory board and may be revised in the future. Also, the dividend payment in any given year is subject to specific dividend proposals by the board of management and the supervisory board, each of which may elect to deviate from this dividend policy if appropriate under the then prevailing circumstances, as well as to the decision of the annual general meeting.

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