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Allianz reports a strong start into 2017

Allianz Group recorded total revenues of 36.2 (first quarter of 2016: 35.4) billion euros in the first quarter of 2017, with all segments contributing to the 2.5 percent increase. Operating profit grew by 9.4 percent to 2.9 billion euros, driven by a strong performance of the Life and Health and Asset Management business segments.

Operating profit in the Property and Casualty business segment decreased due to a lower underwriting result. Net income attributable to shareholders fell by 15.3 percent to 1.8 (2.1) billion euros, as the prior year quarter benefited from one-off gains from the sale of financial stakes, as well as significantly lower restructuring expenses and a lower effective tax rate. Basic Earnings per Share (EPS) amounted to 4.00 (4.71) euros. Annualized Return on Equity (RoE) was 12.4 percent (full year 2016: 12.3 percent). Annualized figures are not a forecast for full year numbers. The solvency II capitalization ratio went from 218 percent at the end of 2016 to 212 percent at the end of the first quarter of 2017, reflecting a 9 percentage point negative impact from the share buy-back and a positive 3 percentage point impact from business and market developments.

Allianz Group also marked a successful start to its share buy-back program with 6.7 million shares acquired by 5 May 2017, representing 1.5 percent of outstanding capital.

“Allianz saw a good start into 2017 with results putting the group on track to meet its operating profit target for the full year of 10.8 billion euros, plus or minus 500 million euros, barring unforeseen events, crises or natural catastrophes,” said Dieter Wemmer, Chief Financial Officer of Allianz SE. “The group observed higher claims from large losses as well as natural catastrophes and still posted a strong rise in operating profit due to improvements in Life and Health and Asset Management business segments. The Group’s net income was also solid in the quarter considering the exceptionally strong year-ago period, which benefited from the sale of financial stakes.”

Dieter Wemmer

Gross premiums written amounted to 17.7 (17.2) billion euros in the first quarter of 2017. Adjusted for foreign exchange and consolidation effects, internal growth totaled 1.7 percent, with price and volume effects contributing 1.2 percent and 0.5 percent respectively.
Operating profit declined by 12.7 percent to 1.3 billion euros compared to the prior-year quarter. This decrease was due to a lower underwriting result driven by higher large losses, an increase in claims stemming from natural catastrophes and a negative impact from the Ogden discount rate change.
• As a result of the higher loss ratio, the combined ratio rose to 95.6 (93.3) percent.

“The Property and Casualty business segment is on track to meet its full-year target despite higher quarterly charges compared to prior year for large losses, storms in Europe and Australia, and the Ogden discount rate change,” said Dieter Wemmer.

Statutory premiums grew by 1.3 percent to 16.9 (16.7) billion euros due to strong single premium growth from the sale of capital-efficient products in Germany and higher unit-linked premiums in Taiwan, which compensated for the decline in premiums in the United States. Adjusted for foreign exchange and consolidation effects, statutory premiums grew by 2.7 percent.
Operating profit increased by 35.5 percent to 1.2 (0.9) billion euros reflecting a higher investment margin in the United States due to more positive market effects.
• The value of new business (VNB) increased by 22.8 percent to 453 million euros in the first quarter reflecting the continued shift to capital-efficient products.
• The new business margin (NBM) strengthened to 3.1 (2.6) percent, driven by our efforts to improve the business mix.

“The Life and Health business segment enjoyed an outstanding start to the year with operating profit rising by more than third, mainly driven by a strong investment margin in the United States. Even with low interest rates, our new products create value for both our customers and shareholders,” said Dieter Wemmer.

• In the Asset Management business segment, operating profit increased by 24.4 percent to 572 (460) million euros, primarily driven by an increase in operating revenues as a result of higher average third-party assets under management.
• The cost-income ratio (CIR) improved by 3.6 percentage points to 63.3 percent, as revenue growth outpaced an increase in expenses.
• Compared to December 31, 2016, third-party assets under management grew by 42 billion euros to 1,403 billion euros, largely driven by third-party net inflows of 21 billion euros at PIMCO as well as positive market developments.
Third-party assets under management at Allianz Global Investors increased by 4.4 percent to 339 billion euros compared to year-end 2016, primarily due to equity market development.

“Third-party net inflows at PIMCO picked up speed due to PIMCO’s strong outperformance in several investment strategies. This, combined with prudent cost management, helped drive a strong increase in operating profit in Asset Management in the quarter,” said Dieter Wemmer.

Technical Note: Prior-year figures have been restated due to an updated operating profit definition and an accounting policy change. The impact on full-year 2016 net income attributable to shareholders was, for example, a positive 79 million euros.

Q1 2017 Highlights

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Together with its customers and sales partners, Allianz is one of the strongest financial communities. More than 86 million private and corporate customers insured by Allianz rely on its knowledge, global reach, capital strength and solidity to help them make the most of financial opportunities and to avoid and safeguard themselves against risks. In 2016, around 140,000 employees in over 70 countries achieved total revenues of 122 billion euros and an operating profit of 11 billion euros. This business success with insurance, asset management and assistance services is based increasingly on customer demand for crisis-proof financial solutions for an aging society and the challenges of climate change. Transparency and integrity are key components of sustainable corporate governance at Allianz SE.

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