Digitalization for the good of the customer

The digital reload of Allianz Slovakia started in 2003 in line with the increasing penetration of society through bits and bytes. A vast variety of different measures was introduced since then for the benefit of the customer. Digitalization enables faster, simpler, and better processes – and thereby a new level of customer service.

Digitalization opens up new possibilities 

In order to provide the customer prompter service, claims documentation on paper was replaced by digital forms. Today, 13.5 million pages are scanned per year. The effort was worthwhile: Prior to scanning, it took 3 to 4 days to send documents from sales to regional centers for further processing – now it takes less than 5 minutes.

Another example for the implementation of unique digital services that help to serve the customer needs more promplty is the use of electronic processing and tablet computers during vehicle inspections. They allow engineers to provide exact information about car damages and total costs of repair at the point of vehicle inspection - and customers to adapt themselves faster to safety requirements and upcoming costs. 

Digitalization also helps to make life easier. Allianz Slovakia brougth a whole bunch of initiatives to completion in order to ensure this. An online Calculator lets the customer calculate the expected costs of their desired insurance package. For instant help, an online chat is available. And in May 2011, the digital claim processing initiative was launched. It allows customers full access to the online status of their registered claim – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and without the need to visit the front office.

The most recent novelty, an iPhone application, has been introduced to support customers in case of an accident. Using the app, customers can report the claim directly from the place the accident happened. Car information, insurance data, and pictures can be uploaded from the phone directly to Allianz. The application also includes GPS localization, tips regarding the appropriate handling of an accident, as well as important contact numbers - all the things you need to know in an emergency.

Marek Jankovič, CEO of Allianz Slovakia, concludes: "Digitalization has brought the necessary optimization of existing processes in the company, reduction of Selling, General & Administrative costs, simplified workload and communication. We have significantly improved the overall efficiency of our employees' work and sales performance. Of course, this has had a positive impact on our services in customer satisfaction. Providing best-in-class services affirm our leading position in our local insurance market."

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