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Migrants’ relatives: Covering families via smartphone

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Currently, 80 percent of people in developing countries are not covered by insurance. To improve this, Lebara and Allianz Group recently announced an insurance partnership to customers in emerging markets. We asked Martin Hintz, coordinator of Emerging Consumers to explain how this cooperation helps our new customers.


Allianz SE
Munich, Mar 07, 2016

Allianz-Digital and paperless: Martin Hintz, Coordinator Emerging Consumers, Allianz Group.

Digital and paperless: Martin Hintz, Coordinator Emerging Consumers, Allianz Group. In Europe, the US as well as in Arabic countries, migrants often live and work under difficult conditions. At the same time, many also have to support families in their home countries, of which 80 percent have no access to social security systems. How will the cooperation between Lebara and Allianz be able to promote change?

Martin Hinz: Our partnership will help migrants get their families covered and protected much easier than before. Until now, they would typically send money to their families using a remittance service, asking them to purchase an insurance policy themselves. The Lebara-Allianz cooperation enables migrants, in the UK for a start, to enroll their family members in just a few mouse-clicks, pay for these services conveniently from the UK and receive regular updates on the status of the insurance, including claims. Even better, the Second Medical Opinion service, which is the first service on offer, is provided for free.

In the course of this, which new opportunities do digital technologies offer?

These services would not be imaginable without digital technologies. UK migrants can enroll themselves and their loved ones from their smartphones or from any other Internet access point. No paper needed and no waiting for documents to arrive. For most products, such as Second Medical Opinion, policy issuing is digital and instant. However, manual processes will not entirely disappear. For some of the products being planned, Allianz will still need to carry out a manual risk evaluation.

How is Allianz ensuring that the prime risks of its clients will be covered and how is it making sure that benefits will reach the clients in all parts of the world?

Starting from our first service, Second Medical Opinion, many of the planned offerings will focus on health which is a universal need. Over time, we plan to add more and more products to the Lebara-Allianz platform. Customers will then be at liberty to choose which coverage is the most urgent for them.  

Interview/Text: Nick Tewes, Sarina Balkhausen


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