Our New Year's resolution - to welcome you as a colleague!

It's always the same - new year, new resolutions. You want to do more sport, meet up with friends more often, or look for a new professional challenge. For many, these are all standard things on their own list of resolutions. With the last one, at least, we can give you concrete support - at the moment, we have over 1,200 good reasons for you to translate this resolution into reality in the new year!

All you have to do is click on this link, and literally the whole of the Allianz Group's working world will be open to you.

Of course, we have also thought of all those who do not want to get up off their own sofa in order to turn on their desktop PC.

In order for you to also be able to search for job vacancies from the comfort of your sofa or your warm bed, we have developed one of the most advanced vacancy search and application systems in the world. Whether you are on the move with your smartphone or with a tablet, you will never before have been able to search more comfortably for jobs while on the go, and you can even apply directly via your mobile device - all without the nuisance of having to upload documents or compose application letters.

The only remaining question now is why exactly you should apply to us. We think that we have convincing answers to this:

If you have a spare two minutes, we would recommend the following short film on this topic. Here you can see what makes us such an excellent employer.

Join our team

For anyone who is not sure which Allianz Group work areas to consider as a possible place of employment, we can recommend our interest matcher "Match me if you can". Here, we present various jobs, in a fun way, so you can choose which one best suits you, based on your interests. At the end, you can see exactly in which field of work you could join us.

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