Game of Drones

Can racing a drone tell you what values your next employer seeks in you? At Allianz, it can! 

Who says work and play can’t mix? In fact, they can mix even before you start work. At Allianz, we have developed a new way for job seekers to find out to what extent they have the values we seek in potential employees.

The ‘play’ part? A fun, interactive tool introduces job seekers to these values through one of Allianz’s fastest developing new business areas – drone insurance.

Based on Allianz’s sponsorship of the Drone Racing League, the gamified tool puts potential candidates through a series of questions designed to gauge how they would tackle the challenge of developing a new drone insurance product. Each question is linked to at least one of the four values, the “People Attributes” of Allianz: entrepreneurship, trust, customer and market excellence, and collaborative leadership.

“There are no wrong answers,” says Nadja Gruber from the Global People Attraction team. “The tool simply identifies the attributes that drive each candidate most strongly and then lets them explore how their individual profile is in relation to the Allianz culture.” At the end of the game, users are invited to use the Allianz Careers website, armed with a better understanding of the qualities that Allianz seeks in its candidates. Isn’t that more exciting than simply reading about them on the career website?

Each of the four Allianz People Attributes is represented by a drone and as a user steps through the questions, the drones race against each other. Whenever a user selects an answer, the positions of each drone within the race changes. Interspersed between the questions are fast-paced videos taken from the Drone Racing League, which thrust a user into the action with a pilot view as the drones loop, soar and maneuver around obstacles and through tunnels. The winning drone reflects the attribute that the user has most strongly identified with while answering the questions.

“’The Rise of Drones’ is not an academic psychological test,” says Gruber. “Rather, it is a gamified way to experience the People Attributes and their meaning – even if a person has never heard of these Allianz cultural cornerstones before.”

Angelika Inglsperger, Group Head of People Attraction and Talent Management, explains that Allianz decided against a “matching tool”, a common practice where candidates explore whether they fit a company’s needs. “Our intention was to make people consider what our People Attributes really mean for them and foster identification with our culture.”

Other than being exciting, the ‘Rise of the Drones’ helps Allianz build a better connect with users. With drones being a hot topic of discussion, it’s a good way to highlight the link between the trending topic and our business.“We get to position ourselves as an attractive employer who embraces innovation, entrepreneurial thinking and welcomes people with a collaborative and trustful mindset,” says Inglsperger.

“During user tests, people reported that the game has ‘changed their image of Allianz’, that they ‘would not have expected this from Allianz’ and ‘like to play the game’,” adds Gruber. “It shows that the tool can trigger positive considerations of Allianz as an employer.”

Want to test your attributes against ours? Get going! 

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