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Job applicants continue to give Allianz top marks

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  • Allianz online services for job seekers rated amongst the best in Europe and Asia for the fifth year in a row
  • WhatsApp launched as communication channel for applicants
  • 360° videos planned over the course of the year
  • Why Allianz posts canteen food photos on Instagram


Allianz SE
Munich, Apr 26, 2016

Allianz-Allianz successfully ranked by potentialpark. Allianz successfully ranked by potentialpark.

According to results of the most recent study conducted by Potentialpark, an institute specializing in employer marketing and digital profiles, Allianz online services for job seekers have been voted amongst the best in Europe and Asia for the fifth year in a row. The Allianz Group has once again been named one of the two top companies in Europe. The company's job website, even retained the lead, coming in at number one in a separate category called “Best career website”. Every year, students and graduates from around the world are asked what they expect from online channels provided by large companies. The emphasis is on information content, how easy the channel is to use and understand, and how quickly it responds to applicant queries. To find out the answers, Potentialpark carried out a survey of 147 companies in Europe and 81 in Asia earlier this year. Allianz’ digital presence was also well-received in Asia. Asian applicants rated the insurance and financial services provider as a market leader for online services for the fourth consecutive year.
True candidate-centricity is a must

“These days, simple digital processes that focus on the customer, that is, the applicant, are essential for a company to hold its own on the fiercely competitive labor market,” says Christian Finckh, chief human resources officer of the Allianz Group. “That's why we invested into making our websites and our application portal mobile-ready well in advance.” And it’s paid off. Over half a million applicants have been using the mobile job market offered by Allianz since the end of 2013. Even so, “Just being mobile-ready isn’t good enough,” continues Finckh. “We have to constantly ask ourselves, which new technologies does it make sense to use so that we can communicate with applicants on platforms they visit every single day. As a general rule, this does not include our career platform.”

Allianz-Applicants can contact us directly via WhatsApp. Applicants can contact us directly via WhatsApp.

WhatsApp with Allianz
Today’s applicants also have completely different expectations when it comes to how quickly personnel managers and recruiters should respond, even compared to just a few years ago. They seek quick, if not immediate, feedback, be it to general questions about jobs and careers or the confirmation of receipt of an application. Given the above, applicants can now use WhatsApp as an additional opportunity to get in touch with Allianz. Once they have added the Allianz careers telephone number as a contact, job seekers can send WhatsApp messages straight away. “At the moment, WhatsApp is by far the most popular messaging service. It’s only logical to use this instrument to communicate with the candidates,” says Julie Harrison, Global Head of People Sourcing. “It is vital to respond to queries as quickly as possible. We are on the right track as far as LinkedIn and Facebook go. On average, candidates receive feedback within an hour.”

Allianz-Lunch at Allianz: what’s on the menu today?

Lunch at Allianz: what’s on the menu today?

However, job seekers want more than just having direct contact to HR departments. They also want to know, with as much certainty as possible, what they’re letting themselves in for with their potential employer. In this respect, text and images on company websites are a mere drop in the ocean. That’s why, this year, Allianz is expanding its range of information on offer to include 360° videos that quite literally provide a complete overview of the company. “Unlike many other companies, we don’t offer an emotional product you can touch,” Harrison continues. “Hence, it’s even more important to give a voice to our corporate culture and our colleagues around the world as well as to simply show where we work and how we go about it. 360° videos are particularly ideal for this purpose.” Lunch at Allianz is an Instagram channel that serves as another example, though it does come with a winky face disclaimer. This page shows what dishes are on the menu every day, thereby giving anyone interested a culinary insight into Allianz.

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Each year since 2002, Potentialpark has conducted a study of companies’ online services for applicants. For this year’s study, the institute quizzed almost 21,000 students from Europe and Asia on their preferences. It assessed the websites of employers from 228 companies based on more than 347 different criteria. As well as looking at their careers websites, Potentialpark also evaluates the companies’ online applications systems, social media pages and mobile career sites.

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