Our thoughts go out to our Ukrainian and Russian colleagues

In the morning of February 24, 2022, the Board of Management issued the following letter to its global workforce.

Allianz’ insurance entities globally certified for gender equality

At Allianz, we place a lot of emphasis on equality and fairness: Allianz’ insurance entities are now globally EDGE Assess Certified. The certification covers almost 80 percent of Allianz Group’s global headcount and 68 individual entities.

Women in leadership: Why representation matters

Allianz has prioritized diverse representation which is evident in its ongoing leadership appointments. Over the course of 2021, six women were appointed to the CEO positions of various Allianz businesses. We asked four of these newly appointed CEOs to reflect on what it means to them and on why this is important to Allianz.

The Allianz Ways of Working: Shaping the future of work

In August 2021, Allianz rolled out a set of Global Minimum Standards for its new Ways of Working (WOW) applicable to Allianz companies Group-wide. Flexibility, collaboration, and agility became the building blocks of the Allianz WOW standards that revolve around five key action points: flexible work & reduced travel, digital tools, health & well-being, lifelong learning, organization & culture.

Allianz partners with World Economic Forum to set global standards for new work models

Allianz is the first German company to join the World Economic Forum (WEF) Partnership for global New Work Standards. The shared goal of partnership is to set new benchmarks for a healthy, resilient and equitable future of work across industries and countries.

Allianz People Fact Book 2020: License to skill

With the lifespan of skill sets shortening, companies must constantly reskill and upskill their workforce to meet the rapidly-changing needs and wants of customers. What skilling initiatives are under way at Allianz? The latest Allianz People Fact Book offers some insights...

Allianz People Fact Book 2018: A Lesson in Learning

With Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and other technological developments transforming the business landscape, how is Allianz preparing its workforce for emerging skill needs? Allianz People Fact Book 2018 provides some answers…

The complexity of simplicity

The latest symbol of Allianz’s simplification drive, our new career portal brings together diverse ideas and needs to create a sleek, simple look…

Allianz HR Fact Book 2017: People of tomorrow
People of Tomorrow

With rapid developments in the fields of artificial intelligence, cognitive computing and the like, we’re now racing towards the “third digital decade”, which promises to be a lot more frantic, disruptive and unpredictable than those before. Allianz has taken the lead in giving its employees tools to stay ahead of the learning curve...