AGF becomes Allianz

Allianz in France is a brand with total client proximity that is always there for its clients at the key moments in their life. The new slogan "Allianz, avec vous de A à Z" ("Allianz, with you from A to Z") expresses this commitment to proximity. It is in keeping with the continuity of the communication of the AGF brand ("AGF, avec vous") and of the Allianz brand worldwide ("Allianz, Financial solutions from A to Z").

The large-scale advertising campaign for the launch of the new brand is based on a creative and original idea. It is built around the various elements of the inner questions of a person (pragmatism, curiosity, cynicism, optimism, pessimism, passion, reason, etc.) in relation to everyday situations linked with our services as a major insurance company: car, home, retirement and health. In the form of an ongoing series of advertisements, the campaign will run in all the national media (TV, posters, press, web and radio).

From September 13 to 16, in cinema style, a trailer will be shown as a pre-premiere exclusively on TF1 in order to create a sense of occasion around the campaign and the change of brand name.

Charlotte Rampling has lent her fame and talent to the campaign. She plays the character of Reason, who has the last word and takes the right decision with regard to insurance.

Allianz will also be a sponsor of the short program "Les prénoms en musique" ("Forenames in Music") with André Manoukian on TF1: another way of getting close to French people.

Allianz is a global brand that boasts a presence in 70 countries and has easily identifiable brand codes. It is well known through its high-profile communication measures. Allianz is the European leader in insurance and financial services.

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