The growing strength of the Allianz brand

Allianz is one of the strongest growing financial services providers in this year’s “Best Global Brands” ranking from Interbrand. The Allianz brand is valued at US$7.7 billion, up 15 percent from last year.


In its annual “Best Global Brands” ranking for 2014, brand consultancy firm Interbrand sets the Allianz brand value at US$7.7 billion, a 15 percent increase from 2013. That places Allianz 55th among the world’s top 100 brands, up eight spots from last year’s ranking. The momentum in growth the Allianz brand is experiencing puts it on par with other top global brands, such as Google, Samsung and Nike.


Behind the famed Allianz brand stands a company that represents strong financial performances, sound investments, digital innovation, quality products, tailored services, and an employer of choice. These are the cornerstones on which the success of the international financial services provider have been built. Its brand is a reflection of that success and a testament of its dedication to its customers and employees.


With more than 600,000 Allianz “brand ambassadors” worldwide,  such as employees, agents and partners, Allianz continually works to realize its “One Allianz” vision to seamlessly serve its more than 83 million customers. Approximately 82 percent of Allianz businesses operate under the Allianz brand, which plays an integral role in helping achieve the “One Allianz” experience.


In its report, Interbrand highlights Allianz’s continued focus on the customer by following them into the digital space. Significant efforts have been made to refine the social media approach, and the launch of the Allianz Digital Accelerator has driven innovation in products and services to better serve clients.


As with last year, Interbrand once again notes Allianz’s excellent Dow Jones Sustainability Indeces (DJSI) rating for 2014 and its preceding nomination by DJSI for its structured global brand management process. This process guides Allianz on how to best engage audiences and make the brand relevant. This means formulating the right message within the right context and delivering it through the right touch points.


For Allianz, being relevant is paramount. “My vision for Allianz is to be the trusted partner in people’s lives, helping them to make the right decisions, to progress and achieve their goals,” says Christian Deuringer, Head of Global Brand Management at Allianz SE. “We believe that our 600,000 people around the world play an essential role in delivering the brand and making it likeable. For example, from creating engaging user experiences that provide all relevant information in a digital way, through to offering superior customer service in a human way,” adds Joe Gross, Head of Group Market Management at Allianz SE.

Allianz is one of the strongest growing financial services provider in this year’s “Best Global Brands” ranking from Interbrand.
Allianz is one of the strongest growing financial services provider in this year’s “Best Global Brands” ranking from Interbrand.

Allianz is one of the strongest growing financial services provider in this year’s “Best Global Brands” ranking from Interbrand.

Sponsorship one key to boosting brand value

The many global and local activities Allianz engages in, significantly shape the Allianz brand experience. Allianz focuses on both external and internal events. Through employee engagement, the company seeks to create “brand ambassadors” from within the company, who can share Allianz’s brand story with friends, family and business partners. “We connect to people via different avenues,” says Deuringer. “Ultimately, it is not so much about single things we do but rather about consistency of brand promise and brand delivery.”

Allianz sponsors activities in areas where there is a strong link to the business, such as road safety and Formula 1, or Allianz’s partnership with the International Paralympics Committee, which aims to help accident victims reenter life. Interbrand points to Allianz’s strong commitment to corporate social responsibility and its expanding sponsorship portfolio. This includes the Allianz Junior Football Camp, the Allianz Golf Camp and the Music Camp with pianist Lang Lang, all of which involve young people in intercultural dialogue.

Allianz and the football club FC Bayern Munich have a long-standing relationship. The Allianz brand benefits from this cooperation as football engagement leverages the international appeal and draw of FC Bayern Munich, which was football’s most valuable brand in 20131. FC Bayern Munich is synonymous with its home stadium, the Allianz Arena, which was the first in a series of stadiums to take on the company’s name.

The “Allianz Family of Stadiums” continues to expand. Most recently, Austria joined the list of countries home to a stadium bearing the name Allianz. The currently under construction “Allianz Stadion” in Vienna will be home to the local SK Rapid soccer team when it opens in 2016. Allianz Austria has an initial naming-rights contract for ten years. This addition brings the total number of Allianz stadiums to six, with the other five located in Munich, Nice, Sydney, London and Sao Paulo.

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