New Supervisory Board of Allianz SE established

Dante Barban, Gabriele Burkhardt-Berg, Ira Gloe-Semler and Dr. Helmut Perlet were newly appointed as members of the supervisory board. Dante Barban, Gabriele Burkhardt-Berg and Ira Gloe-Semler represent the employee side, with Barban being the first Italian employee representative to join the supervisory board. The term of office is five years.

Dr. Henning Schulte-Noelle, the latest chairman of the supervisory board, as well as the employee representatives Godfrey Robert Hayward, Peter Kossubek and Jörg Reinbrecht left the supervisory board.

Following the annual general meeting, the establishing meeting of the new supervisory board took place, in which Dr. Helmut Perlet was chosen as new chairman of the supervisory board of Allianz SE.

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