First woman on the Board of Management at Allianz SE

For all intents and purposes it’s a routine announcement, and yet it marks a milestone in Allianz’s 121-year history: Helga Jung, born in 1961, single, is the first woman to be appointed to the boardroom of the Group holding company. She says that she didn’t plan her advancement; careerists are anathema to her.

"My priority was always to do my job to the best of my ability," she says, summarizing her philosophy. "And I've always tried to have confidence in my own opinions. You shouldn’t base your views on what your boss might think or what he or she might expect as an outcome."

As the head of Group Mergers & Acquisitions Helga Jung has been involved in every major Allianz transaction in the past ten years, having been instrumental in the restructuring of the Group, the merger of the Italian company RAS into Allianz, the minority share buyout of the French company AGF, the conversion of Allianz into a Societas Europaea (SE) and the purchase and sale of Dresdner Bank.

"Such transactions require not only hard facts but also a knowledge of human nature and psychological insight," says Jung. "You need to readjust each time and consider what specific goals your negotiating partner is pursuing. On that basis you can formulate your own strategy."

This has usually paid off for her. Her expertise and negotiation skills have won her respect and recognition beyond Allianz. Nevertheless, Jung who has a doctorate in business administration is well aware that her promotion is bound to be interpreted by some as merely going with the times. "It's to be expected," says Jung in unmistakable Allgäu dialect. "But it really doesn't bother me."

She isn't completely at ease with the notion of being the focus of an historic event, but she remains unfazed. After all, she has mastered other challenging situations in the past. Jung seeks distraction from work in the great outdoors whenever her busy schedule allows. For relaxation in between times her cello and piano are waiting for her at home.

Helga Jung

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