Successful brand supports business
Successful brand supports business

To pursue a successful business strategy, companies not only need excellent products, satisfied customers and a sound financial basis, but also a reputable brand that carries value. Allianz's brand strength has just been confirmed in the renowned Interbrand ranking for 2012.

Michael Diekmann, CEO
"The old growth story has run its course"

On September 28, 2012 an interview with Allianz CEO Michael Diekmann appeared in the German business news daily "Handelsblatt". He says that the days of leverage-driven growth are gone for good. Demands on governments need to be reduced, and debts need to shrink over the next ten years.

What's the way out of the euro zone crisis?
What's the way out of the euro zone crisis?

The euro crisis has painfully reminded us of the consequences of our actions. To fix the system European countries have to close ranks -- including Greece, demands Allianz chief economist Michael Heise. He is convinced the battered union will emerge stronger out of the crisis.

World Alzheimer's Day 2012: when memories slowly start to fade
When memories slowly start to fade

Anyone can be diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. More than 36 million people worldwide are already suffering from this form of dementia, for which there is still no cure. As the number of older people in our society increases, the number of people affected by the disease will also rise over the next few years: if the condition remains incurable, an estimated 115 million people will have been diagnosed by 2050, around 2.6 million of them in Germany alone.

Oliver Bäte (left) and Dieter Wemmer (right)
Allianz SE: New board responsibilities for Oliver Bäte and Dieter Wemmer as of January 2013

In today’s Supervisory Board meeting of Allianz SE it was announced that Oliver Bäte and Dieter Wemmer will exchange their board responsibilities as of January 1, 2013.

Allianz Worldwide Care
Ron Buchan: "Most insurers were not able to handle this kind of business. We were."

When a British company transfers a French employee from Paris to Rio, how can she be sure she and her family will get the same medical care she gets at home? Questions like these are what Allianz Worldwide Care answers on a daily basis. The unit, under the leadership of Ron Buchan, is a leading provider of health insurance services for expatriate staff of multinationals around the world. Buchan, who has built the business from the ground up, speaks in an interview about the challenges and thrills in his business.

Allianz flags
Change at the Supervisory Board of Allianz SE

Christine Bosse (51) has been appointed as Member of the Supervisory Board of Allianz SE by the district court of Munich. A Danish citizen, she succeeds Gerhard Cromme (69), who was on the board for nearly 11 years as shareholder representative and has stepped down from his office as planned.

Michael Dieckmann, CEO
"We support the move to alternative energy sources by providing cover"

Many Allianz customers are clearly environmentally conscious: as homeowners they install solar panels on their roofs, supplying electricity to the public grids. In this interview Susanne Schiller from Allianz Deutschland speaks about insurance solutions for photovoltaic systems, highlighting what private customers need to be aware of when seeking insurance cover.

Allianz strengthens ecological and social focus of its business

Allianz is set to become the first company in the world to establish a committee at board level tasked with ensuring that ecological and social issues are taken into account in decisions made throughout the organization. The committee's members will be Allianz SE board members Clement Booth, Maximilian Zimmerer and Jay Ralph. Chairman of the committee, Jay Ralph, explains in an interview why sustainable management is so important to Allianz.