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Allianz renews Formula One™ engagement

Allianz SE is proud to announce the renewal of the company's Formula One™ engagement. An evaluation of various global sponsorship platforms and of Allianz' activities over the past 10 years has shown that this engagement remains the strongest platform for global brand building and the communication of key safety messages to a worldwide audience. The emphasis on road safety issues will remain at the heart of an envisaged long-term engagement.

In future, the topics of risk management and road safety will become discernibly interlinked with Allianz on Formula One™ race tracks worldwide through the unprecedented branding of the Safety Car and the Medical Car. The Formula One™ Safety Car and the Medical Car feature prominently at every Grand Prix and will be Allianz branded, providing a new visible element to reinforce existing road safety initiatives.

To honor the occasion, the Allianz branded Formula One™ Safety Car was unveiled in the presence of Bernie Ecclestone, Formula One Group CEO, Christian Deuringer, Vice President and Head of Global Brand Management of Allianz SE and Safety Car driver Bernd Maylaender. The presentation was moderated by former Grand Prix driver Christian Danner, immediately preceding the official Grand Prix track test at the 2010 Formula 1 SingTel Singapore Grand Prix.

Bernie Ecclestone, Formula One Group CEO, was happy to see the long-standing successful co-operation with Allianz extended, remarking: "We are looking forward to the continued involvement with a credible and reliable partner who shares our focus on safety issues."

Christian Deuringer sees the enhanced focus as a logical next step in a mutually beneficial exchange of expertise and experience: "We are providing coverage for more than 50 million cars globally. Reinforcing safe driving is not only a very important message for everyone participating in road traffic. It is essential for the well-being of Allianz, one of the strongest financial communities. And ultimately, Formula One™ is the ideal platform to communicate safe driving."

One way Allianz drives awareness for road safety and changes people's driving behaviour is by using Formula One™ to reach motor sports enthusiasts. Thanks to the renewed sponsorship engagement, the joint forces of Allianz and Formula One™ will continue to be dedicated to improving safety, on the race track and on the road, for Formula One™ pilots and for drivers everywhere. Allianz has more than 75 million customers worldwide and road safety is an important issue not only in the sponsoring context, but also in day-to-day business. This makes Allianz a credible partner for road safety initiatives, based on years of in-house research and development.

The Allianz Centre for Technology (AZT) has been providing successful risk management, as well as accident and damage research, for over 70 years. The know-how gleaned from AZT research provides a real contribution to increasing safety, decreasing damage severity and reducing damage frequency. Allianz will continue to utilize its engagement in Formula One™ to place these issues firmly on the agenda at all Grand Prix Events and to take them well beyond the world of Formula One™. And what better way to associate Allianz with road safety than by branding on the Formula One™ Safety Car?

The Formula One™ Safety Car has been used since 1973 and was introduced to the official rules in 1993. The Safety Car is sent on to the race track by FIA officials in a caution period, for example during a hazardous situation caused by an accident or an obstruction on the track. The Safety Car driver enters the field in front of the current leader and holds a certain speed, deemed safe by officials, until the race can resume. The Formula One™ Medical Car is often sent on to the track at the same time as the Safety Car, whenever an accident occurs. Its role on the track is equally important, as a speedy medical response can be vital when treating motor racing injuries.

Bernd Maylaender has been the official Formula One™ Safety Car driver since 2000, incidentally the same year that Allianz first became involved in Formula One™ sponsoring.

Allianz first entered into Formula One™ sponsoring in 2000 by partnering with BMW Williams F1, in a bid to position the Allianz brand on a global platform. This engagement is still linking Formula One™ related topics with Allianz core lines of business, now in its 11th successful year. In 2002, trackside advertising was initiated to drive brand awareness worldwide, primarily targeting Europe and Asia. In 2007, Allianz became an Official Global Partner of Formula One™ with an increased focus on safety. This focus is now being intensified in the renewed Formula One™ sponsorship agreement, complete with the Allianz Safety Car and Medical Car branding.

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