Allianz is a partner of the 2010 e-miglia

On August 3, the first "e-miglia" rally will start at TÜV SÜD (technical inspection agency for southern Germany) in Munich: approximately 30 electric two-, three- and four-wheelers will race against each other in an emission-free adventure covering 560 km until they reach Rovereto in northern Italy. Taking four stages to cross the Alps, rally participants will demonstrate how well electric vehicles can already perform today.

The insurer Allianz is a partner of the 2010 e-miglia. "We believe in the future of electric-powered cars, which will allow us to be mobile in a sustainable, emission-free and low-noise fashion", said Ralph Schollenberger, Head of Allianz Autowelt.

Allianz is actively committed to e-mobility issues, and aims to develop specific insurance products and solutions for roadside recovery and breakdown assistance for electric cars in the future. Quick and safe breakdown assistance must become available for hybrid and electric cars in the same way as it is available for cars with conventional combustion engines. In this regard, expertise on high-voltage cars is an absolute must, for instance when looking for faults and towing vehicles that have broken down. This is an issue that meets with consensus among all of the e-miglia partners, including TÜV SÜD and the Automobilclub von Deutschland (German Automobile Association, AvD). Schollenberger: "If electric-powered cars are rolled out more quickly in Germany than experts currently anticipate, then we want to be prepared."

On August 3, the first "e-miglia" rally will start at TÜV SÜD in Munich

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