Mobility of the future

New mobility is set to fundamentally change the automotive and insurance industry. At this year’s international automotive trade fair IAA in Frankfurt, Allianz Global Automotive is premium partner of the new exhibition platform New Mobility World and presents alongside companies such as Google, Deutsche Telekom and Samsung how car manufacturers, the technology industry and service providers can meet the need for individual and connected mobility in the future.


Connected cars, automated driving, car sharing: Mobility services of the future offer both challenges and opportunities. Connected cars, for instance, give insurance providers more accurate information on driver behavior so that insurance premiums can be tailored according to actual, rather than perceived, risk. The increasing popularity of car sharing is creating new insurance models like pay-per-use. Allianz is working closely with automotive manufacturers to develop these new technologies and business models.

“Customers are becoming users”

Karsten Crede, CEO of Allianz Global Automotive: “Allianz is using the potential of claims data to advise automotive manufacturers on the subject of car development and accompany them closely throughout the process – and make cars safer as a result. Nowadays, especially for the younger generation, owning a car is no longer a goal pursued as a matter of course. Our customers are increasingly becoming users and automotive manufacturers mobility suppliers. Within this context, we are developing concepts that aim to improve the link between manufacturers, dealers and customers.”
In 2014, Allianz Global Automotive founded the Automotive Intelligence Center with the aim of continuing to boost its expertise in a rage of areas from car development over connected cars to future retail.
New mobility is set to fundamentally change the automotive and insurance industry.
New mobility is set to fundamentally change the automotive and insurance industry.

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