Floods in southern Germany - Allianz donates up to two million euros to rescue and relief services 

Heavy rain, high water and flooding have caused major damage in large parts of southern Germany over the past few days. Allianz is working hard for its customers during the crisis: Specialist claims units and Allianz agencies are supporting customers on the ground, and thousands of drying devices are on their way to the affected regions. Allianz is also donating one million euros to local fire departments, rescue organizations and technical relief services. Allianz will also double its employees' donations of up to 500,000 euros - an internal donation campaign has already been launched. The employee donation will be handed over to the Red Cross.

In Wertingen, near Augsburg, this Thursday, three members of the Board of Management of Allianz in Germany - Lucie Bakker, Frank Sommerfeld and Jürgen Heinle - get a picture of the situation on the ground and thank the agencies and claims experts for their continuous efforts. Lucie Bakker, Chiefs Claims Officer of Allianz Versicherungs-AG, says: 

"Due to climate change, we have to expect heavy rain, storms and floods more and more frequently. But every time we are shocked by the images from the disaster regions, we are stunned by the extent of the devastation and the worries of the people affected are concerning. Above all, our thoughts are with those who have lost family members. As one of the largest building and motor insurers in southern Germany, we at Allianz are mobilizing all our strength and expertise to provide our customers with uncomplicated and rapid support in this exceptional situation. With our donation to the rescue organizations, we are honoring the tireless efforts of thousands of emergency personnel who are saving lives and reducing property damage."

Even though the acute flooding has receded in most areas, it is still too early to assess the extent of the damage. Where the water has already drained away, around 600 Allianz loss assessors, experts and external service providers are currently working to expertly assess the damage, discuss drying and repair measures and pay out advances. Construction drying equipment is in short supply after floods and is a much sought-after commodity: Allianz has therefore organized around 6,700 additional drying devices and is transporting them to the affected areas. The Allianz Craftsmen Service is also in action and provides Allianz policyholders with professional craftsmen quickly and easily.

A detailed interview with Lucie Bakker on Allianz's flood claims management can be found here

Allianz employees are also affected by the flood. These employees can apply for paid leave of 2 to 5 days. 

Following the floods in the Ahr valley, the widespread flooding in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg is yet another reminder that extreme weather conditions are increasing in frequency and severity as a result of global warming. In Germany, the demand for compulsory insurance is being discussed. Allianz believes that a compulsory insurance model alone is not a reasonable alternative. Klaus-Peter Röhler, member of the Allianz SE Board of Management responsible for business in Germany, calls for a coherent overall concept against increasing natural hazards ( link to detailed statement): 

"We need to arm ourselves against more frequent extreme weather events. Compulsory insurance would not have prevented a single loss. It is also neither solidary nor democratic, because it takes away customers' freedom of choice. At Allianz, we offer every residential building policy with a natural hazard protection option - a voluntary opt-out must always be possible. 

We need an overall concept against natural hazards that is based on three building blocks: prevention and protective measures for climate impact adaptation, risk-appropriate insurance cover and state support for extreme natural disasters. This is the only way we can break the spiral of increasing damage caused by extreme weather events and rising premiums."

Christina Bersick
Allianz Deutschland AG
Florian Amberg
Allianz SE
Sabine Schaffrath
Schadenkommunikation, Verbraucherthemen
Heidi Polke
Allianz SE
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Floods in southern Germany - Allianz donates up to two million euros to rescue and relief services

As the leading building and motor insurer in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, Allianz is working hard to support affected customers competently, quickly and unbureaucratically • Claim adjustment task force: 600 loss assessors and service providers working on site, 6700 drying devices on their way to flood areas • More frequent weather extremes due to climate change: Allianz emphasizes interplay of prevention, insurance solutions and government support for extreme disasters

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