Allianz Deutschland customer report 2016: A Tale of Tales
A range of stories and a lot of courage!

What does a flood-hit family have in common with the longest cable car in the world? Allianz as a supporter. Find a range of fascinating stories of our customers in the latest client report by Allianz Deutschland.

Teaching kids about money
Teaching kids about money

You’ve taught them the ABCs, now teach them the 1-2-3s: spending, saving and investing...

Ensuring carefree soccer fun

For many soccer fans, there is nothing like travelling to Poland and Ukraine and seeing the European Soccer Championship live at the stadiums in the 8 Eastern European cities. But whether you watch there or at home it might be good to take a few pre-cautions to make sure you have carefree soccer fun.

Don't let thieves spoil your Jubilee weekend

The United Kingdom is currently in festive frenzy over the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations, the major part of which are taking place this weekend. As a Jubilee present, Britons even get two extra bank holidays on Monday and Tuesday, June 4 and 5. To make sure that the Jubilee does not become a property thief bonanza, Allianz UK warns its customers to take some precautions for the long weekend.

The season for vintage cars, motorbikes and tractors has started

The most popular season for motorcyclists and vintage car owners has begun. As soon as the first warm rays of sunshine are beckoning, drivers pull their favorite vehicles from their winter quarters, as this time of year has taken too long to arrive anyway. But the safety experts from the Allianz Center for Technology (AZT) recommend: Before taking a trip into the countryside, go first full throttle on routine checks! That’s the best way to avoid damage and accidents.

Allianz warns: Fans risk fatal injury

Several young people have already been injured in impromptu motorcades during this year's Soccer World Cup. A crash test at the Allianz Center for Technology shows that fans who shun their seatbelts risk serious injury.

Fan driving: Buckle up to stay in festive mood

During the next weeks, fans will be on the roads again / Disregarding basic road safety rules can lead to bad accidents / Allianz conducts crash test on fan driving to demonstrate risks involved

DIWA - More safety for drivers

Fourteen percent of all traffic accidents are avoidable. The new driver information system DIWA (Direct Information and Warning for Drivers) helps to prevent accidents and lessen the severity of accidents when they occur.