Commerzbank takes over ASIC employees

Commerz Systems GmbH develops and maintains IT solutions for Commerzbank, for example for retail and corporate banking, payment and securities systems, particularly systems relating to risk and compliance. The company currently has 155 employees in Frankfurt and Bremen.

In taking this step, Commerzbank intends to ensure that operation of the Dresdner Bank applications remains as stable and reliable as ever until the Dresdner Bank systems are finally decommissioned. In addition, Commerzbank is acquiring the years of experience and expertise of Allianz Shared Infrastructure Services SE employees in the IT banking sector for future projects and activities. An extensive qualification program is also being launched to help the employees with their start at Commerzbank Systems.

The integration into Commerzbank offers the employees concerned reliable and excellent future perspectives. The exact time of the staff transition will be decided in the coming weeks, and discussions are already underway with works' council representatives.

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