Oktoberfest in Germany – party without remorse

Every September the festivities of Oktoberfest rock the entire city of Munich. With beer halls, traditional food, rides, musical performances and other fun activities, people from all over the world enjoy the famous Oktoberfest. It is one of the largest festivals in the world, with six million visitors every year. During the 16 day festival traditionally starting in mid-September, large quantities of German beer are consumed with around 6.9 million "Mass" (liters) of beer served in 2012.


Inevitably, at an event of this size, many mishaps happen ranging from drunks staggering through the city until the early hours of the morning to stolen handbags or sprained ankles from dancing on the tables. Both festival visitors and organizers should be prepared for some of these risks.

Safer festivals thanks to proper risk management

Small performances, large celebrations, multi-day festivals and seasonal events require extensive planning and thorough organization. In case of incidents like damages to technical equipment or the evacuation of a festival because of a storm, people are in danger, and unexpected costs might arise and potentially ruin the business. The list of potential mishaps is long. While business owners cannot predict a storm, they can protect their businesses financially. If risks are identified, eliminated or insured before the event takes place, it will create a better environment for event managers and visitors.

Specialists can help event organizers make their venue safer through proactive risk management. They can point out emergency exits and evacuation routes, and have emergency training to meet medical response needs.

Festival-goers: watch out while the party is on

Going to a festival is fun, but a healthy amount of care will make it safer and more enjoyable. Crowded streets and an influx of visitors can lead to an increase of petty crime at festivals. When you are caught up in the spirit of celebration, the most common mishaps are losing a handbag or jewelry or getting a new technical device stolen.

Having a good third-party liability policy is a good investment which could be invaluable during a festival. With a huge number of tourists packed into a festival area like the “Wiesn”, alcohol-fuelled brawls and accidents are prone to happen. To have a fun time, prevention steps should be taken. Whether you join the Oktoberfest celebrations or go to a local festival nearby, see the following points that will help you make the most of your time at the festival – without regrets.

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