When fate strikes:
RehaCare and the road to recovery

RehaCare GmbH is a partner of Allianz that helps patients whose health has been permanently impaired by accident or illness to return to normal life as quickly as possible, with the help of a focused rehabilitation plan.

Watch the incredible story of Rainer’s road to recovery, and learn more about the inspiring work of RehaCare in our short interview with Managing Director Sara Patti.

Sara, tell us more about the work of RehaCare and where it sits within the Allianz Group.
RehaCare is a 100% subsidiary of Allianz Partners. We are a small entity with about 70 employees focused on the German market, and we help people back into life who suffered accidents with serious personal injuries. In most cases, we’re dealing with severe road traffic accidents. Important to mention is that we operate completely independently and in the sole interest of the injured party.
Who are the customers of RehaCare?
Our customers are liability insurers who ask us to step in to help their insured customers. Our clients are the injured people we help; people that have suffered injuries at the hands of the liability insurer’s customers. For example, if an Allianz-insured person were to cause a car accident resulting in the serious injury of another person, Allianz may employ the services of RehaCare. These services are free for the injured party. Allianz is not our only customer – we also work with more than 20 other insurers in Germany.
With what purpose was the subsidiary founded?
RehaCare supports the core purpose of insurance: helping people in difficult and unexpected events. I think what we do is a wonderful example of how businesses can play an important role in making people’s lives better and delivering a positive social impact. Naturally, this needs to be attractive and sustainable financially as well – a well-managed rehabilitation program is a real win-win setup; not only does the injured party suffer less and make a faster recovery, but Allianz saves costs. When we help claimants back into the world of work, this leads to significantly fewer financial claims to settle in the long run. To be precise, for every euro spent on RehaCare, we generate six in long-term savings.
What are the challenges of implementing such rehabilitation programs?
At RehaCare, there is a huge human element to the work; our Case Managers deal with clients in extreme situations that you wouldn’t wish on anyone. It takes well-trained and experienced team members with a passion for helping people. Diverse skills are required in order to support clients in all aspects of their life; that’s why our team is made up of people from many different disciplines, such as educators, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, sports scientists, architects and psychotherapists to name a few. Finesse is required in all communications – we are ultimately working to help the opponents of Allianz in people claims that can run into the millions. Building and retaining trust is key and we follow a strict code of conduct which ensures we avoid any possible conflicts of interest.
What do you like most about your job?

The opportunity to help people. And not only our clients, but our teammates and customers as well. It’s a tough business to be in, and not all stories have a happy ending. But many do, and knowing we are making a meaningful difference is very motivating. Seeing people bounce back from the toughest situations and live a full life again gives me a lot of hope and optimism.

Learn more about RehaCare here.

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When fate strikes: RehaCare and the road to recovery

When Rainer set off on his motorbike in June 2023, it was just like any other day. But his life was about to change forever. Watch the incredible story of Rainer’s road to recovery, and learn more about the inspiring work of RehaCare in our short interview with Managing Director Sara Patti.