Allianz appoints leadership for Allianz Commercial key markets

Allianz Commercial leaders confirmed for Australia, France, Germany and the United Kingdom • Each leader serves as one face to the market in each country, covering the full Commercial segment for both mid-sized and large companies • Clients and distribution partners to benefit from more consistent interface and broader set of solutions under the new global model

Shock to the system: Insurance’s role in absorbing the impact of inflation

In a new macroeconomic environment marked by high inflation and slow economic growth, insurers have a special role to play in loss prevention and reduction. The industry must evolve to effectively meet customer needs in the new world.

Andreas Wimmer: The Swedish model is insufficient when it comes to old-age provision in Germany

In this op-ed, Andreas Wimmer, a Member of the Board of Allianz SE, writes about the evolution of old-age provision in Germany and why an equity pension system - the so-called Swedish model - might fall short of what is really needed.

Allianz to serve global commercial insurance segment as one go-to-market business

Allianz to operate its Mid-Corporate and Large-Corporate insurance businesses under one strategy and market approach • New global model will cover the full commercial segment and leverage local market footprint to drive execution • Clients and distribution partners to benefit from more consistent interface and broader set of solutions

“We have to design and construct our buildings fully in accordance with the seismic design code.”

Ceyhun Eren is Director of Allianz Teknik and Risk Engineering at Allianz Sigorta A.Ş. in Türkiye. In this interview, he talks about Allianz's earthquake research and what can be done to mitigate earthquake damage.

Five Questions about Cost of Living with Andy Jobst

What exactly is the current situation with the cost of living in Europe? Is everything really getting more expensive? And what can businesses and households do to tackle inflation and manage higher food prices? Andreas Jobst, Head of Macroeconomic and Capital Market Research Allianz SE, provides clarity on the topic of currency devaluation and price increases, while also giving us an outlook for the rest of the year.

Risk reports mirror outcomes of Allianz Motor Day: more green initiatives needed to solve climate change

When intertwined, diverse green initiatives add up to smaller and smaller carbon footprints. Combine a video assessment of car damage, for instance, with choosing to repair a slightly damaged part instead of replacing it, and the positive impact grows further. 

Deluge-ional: Time for smarter collaboration against rising flood risks

Extreme weather events cannot be prevented, but the extent of their impact can be significantly reduced. Using the example of flood events, this feature article focuses on what answers our experts have on how to minimize the loss of life and property when such events occur.

Canning the throwaway mentality: Repair versus replace in motor insurance

The decision of whether to repair or replace a damaged car part has significant impact on CO2 emissions. In this interview, Christoph Lauterwasser, Managing Director of the Allianz Center for Technology, talks about one of the crucial levers for becoming more sustainable in motor insurance.