Allianz Capital Partners’ infrastructure expertise available to external clients for the first time

Allianz Global Investors (AllianzGI) announced the launch of the Allianz European Infrastructure Fund S.A. – RAIF (AEIF)¹, which, for the first time, allows institutional investors to access the deep infrastructure investment experience of Allianz Capital Partners (ACP).

ACP has been investing in infrastructure equity on behalf of Allianz insurance companies for more than a decade. The AEIF allows professional investors to invest alongside Allianz insurance companies in equity investments in European infrastructure for the first time. In so doing, they will benefit from the broad sector expertise of the investment team and the strong network and reputation of Allianz.

The AEIF has a target size of 500 million euros and will raise capital from institutional investors and pension funds. Future transactions will be funded by Allianz insurance companies who will continue to invest at least 50 percent of the required capital while the remaining share will be funded by the AEIF, creating strong alignment. The AEIF will be managed by ACP’s seasoned team of investment professionals and distributed through AllianzGI´s dedicated global network of sales experts. 

¹Allianz European Infrastructure Fund S.A. has been incorporated under the name “Allianz Infrastructure Fund S.A.” as a Luxembourg société anonyme (public limited company) on December 4, 2018 in the form of a closed ended investment company with variable capital (société d'investissement à capital variable). Before first closing, the Fund will be converted into a reserved alternative investment fund (RAIF) and renamed “Allianz European Infrastructure Fund S.A. – RAIF”

Tobias Pross, Global Head of Distribution at AllianzGI, said: “We are delighted that external clients can now access ACP’s deep infrastructure expertise, further broadening the suite of alternative investment solutions we can provide for clients. We continue to see strong demand for alternative investments from our clients, who look to us to introduce innovative solutions that meet their needs. Through the new Allianz European Infrastructure Fund clients now can seize the opportunity to invest, together with Allianz, in attractive infrastructure projects across Europe.”

ACP is a major international financial investor in infrastructure equity with more than 10 billion euros assets under management. In total, ACP manages around 28 billion euros of alternative equity assets in private equity, infrastructure and renewables. ACP and AllianzGI taken together manage around 70 billion euros of alternative assets. 

Infrastructure equity investments are highly illiquid and designed for professional investors pursuing a long-term investment strategy only.

Investing involves risk. The value of an investment and the income from it may fall as well as rise and investors might not get back the full amount invested. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results. If the currency in which the past performance is displayed differs from the currency of the country in which the investor resides, then the investor should be aware that due to the exchange rate fluctuations the performance shown may be higher or lower if converted into the investor’s local currency. The views and opinions expressed herein, which are subject to change without notice, are those of the issuer companies at the time of publication. The data used is derived from various sources, and assumed to be correct and reliable, but it has not been independently verified; its accuracy or completeness is not guaranteed and no liability is assumed for any direct or consequential losses arising from its use, unless caused by gross negligence or willful misconduct. The conditions of any underlying offer or contract that may have been, or will be, made or concluded, shall prevail.

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Allianz Capital Partners is one of the Allianz Group's asset managers for alternative equity investments and part of Allianz Global Investors. Allianz Capital Partners manages over 56 billion euros in alternative assets for the Allianz Group and third-party investors**. Our investment focus is on private equity, infrastructure and renewable energy. Our investment strategy aims to generate attractive, long-term and stable returns for our clients.

As of March 31, 2023.

Allianz Global Investors is a leading active asset manager with over 600 investment professionals in over 20 offices worldwide and managing EUR 533 billion in assets. We invest for the long term and seek to generate value for clients every step of the way. We do this by being active – in how we partner with clients and anticipate their changing needs, and build solutions based on capabilities across public and private markets. Our focus on protecting and enhancing our clients’ assets leads naturally to a commitment to sustainability to drive positive change. Our goal is to elevate the investment experience for clients, whatever their location or objectives.
Data as at 31 December 2023. Total assets under management are assets or securities portfolios, valued at current market value, for which Allianz Global Investors companies are responsible vis-á-vis clients for providing discretionary investment management decisions and portfolio management, either directly or via a sub-advisor (these include Allianz Global Investors assets which are now sub-advised by Voya IM since 25 July 2022). This excludes assets for which Allianz Global Investors companies are primarily responsible for administrative services only. Assets under management are managed on behalf of third parties as well as on behalf of the Allianz Group.

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