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In 2015 Allianz looked back on its 125-year history: on February 5, 1890 the company was entered into the trade register for the first time. Originally starting as a German transport insurer, Allianz has developed over the years into the globally active financial services provider that it is today.

Allianz commemorates its 125th anniversary

The past 125 years have not just seen changes in the needs of retail and corporate customers, but also in the societal frameworks in the different countries. These changes have had a substantial influence on Allianz's development.

Allianz - diekmann_291 

Climate protection: from resignation to action - Allianz calls for sustainable investments

During the second international public dialog on future issues to mark Allianz' 125th anniversary, Michel Diekmann discussed the need for action regarding climate change with representatives of the United Nations and the Bavarian state government.

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Demographic change requires modern responses

Today, representatives from politics, the business world, academia and society met at an international public dialog event held at the Allianz Forum in Berlin. The event focused on the issue of "Social and Demographic Change in the 21st Century".

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The changing face of the eagle

In 1999 Allianz stepped into the new millennium with the logo that we know and love today. It combines tradition and modernity, depicting the trusted eagle and Allianz's three key fields of business: insurance, retirement provision, and assets. The Allianz eagle was born as early as 1923: in his early manifestation, he watched over three offspring, symbolizing the newly established subsidiaries at the time. In 1977 this image was modernized. By contrast, Allianz's first company logo still featured clear analogies to the German imperial eagle, which in this case bore the emblems of the two cities in which the company was founded, Munich and Berlin.

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The birth of Allianz

In 1890, when horse-drawn carriages still rolled through the streets of Berlin and Chancellor Otto von Bismarck ruled, Carl Thieme and Wilhelm Finck set up Allianz. On February 5, 1890, the company was officially entered into the commercial register as “Allianz” Versicherungs-Aktien-Gesellschaft, and subsequently started operating from Berlin's Taubenstrasse.

Allianz - TaubenstrasseerstesGebaeude