Pension – how do I plan my retirement?

An interactive journey through our pension systems

Our Global Pension Atlas visualizes Allianz expertise on demographic change.
Pension systems

“Pension provision has become a delicate balancing act”

The new RIA-Indicator (Retirement Income Adequacy) shows the reliability of retirement provision worldwide. The first three are The Netherlands, Denmark and Norway, in the back are India and Indonesia. 

Allianz Leben: Where do the returns come from?

Andreas Lindner explains why people need more opportunity-oriented investments and how Allianz’s new “KomfortDynamik” pension concept for the German market can help. Lindner is responsible for capital investments at Allianz Leben in Germany. 

Baby boomers' pensions cost the government almost a third more

The baby boom in Italy isn't the same as in Germany. Our series of graphics shows when the baby boom happened in different countries, and how it will affect our pensions when all they give up work. Experts are warning of a "silver tsunami". 

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