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How a 3D printer saved my stove

When he couldn’t get a replacement part for his cooker, Open Knowledge correspondent James Tulloch turned to 3D printing. 

Micro-sleep: the shortest danger on the road

To learn more about the dangers of drowsy driving, we talked to two pretty alert sleep experts.

How social media is changing the auto industry

Could Facebook supplant your local auto salesman or mechanic? Car owners are skipping the middleman and interacting directly with manufacturers on Facebook.

Oktoberfest visitors unaware of drunk driving limits

Drunk Driving at Oktoberfest - Watch visitors discuss drunk driving at Munich's Oktoberfest after being asked to guess the legal amount of drinks to drive in their countries.

How the Panama Canal was built

A modern wonder of the world, the Panama Canal is 100 years old. Learn how it was built in this pictorial history.

The Panama Canal’s extraordinary century

One hundred years on from its brutal birth, the great waterway linking Atlantic and Pacific is getting a multi-billion dollar facelift.

Lessons learned from Exxon Valdez

Twenty-five years after the Exxon Valdez oil spill, experts discuss the lessons learned from the biggest tanker disaster in history.

Keeping pets safe in the car

Dogs are often the forgotten family member when it comes to car safety – with tragic consequences for all, as this video shows.

The dangerous roads of the UK

Fatal crashes in the UK may be declining, but lowering speed limits on rural roads could improve things further.

Ethanol fuel: green alternative to gasoline?

Brazil and the US dominate the growing market for ethanol, but use of the biofuel is proving controversial.