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History of Risk, Part 1: The Principles of Risk

In the first of a series on the history of risk, we explore the surprising origins of insurance and risk assessment.

"Reforms are needed, but not only in Greece"

If a Greek default happens, Hung Tran of the Institute of International Finance tells us what we could expect.

Why Detroit could be a good example for Greece (or not)

What lessons can Greece learn from the Motor City's bankruptcy two years ago?

Greece and Argentina: What's similar, what's different

How similar is the Greek situation to the Argentine default of 2001? Daniel Altman, senior editor at Foreign Policy magazine, compares. 

What are "tail risks", and why should you care?

Even if you know what they are, do you know what they mean for your investments? Risk expert Reinhold Hafner explains.

Who are the winners and losers in the global wealth race?

Have economic crisis and recovery increased or decreased inequality? It depends where you look.

Blessing from Underwear

by Wan Ulfa Nur Zuhra and Yodie Hardiyan,  Indonesia

Special Life Stories

In an open contest, teams of journalists and photographers went out to create intimate biographic portraits of Allianz microinsurance customers. The best three portraits have received the first ever “Allianz Microinsurance Life Stories” Award.

The Second Chance

by Sofie Syarief,  Indonesia

From the mud floor to designing algorithms

by Jimmy John and Anoop Khanna,  India