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Who are the winners and losers in the global wealth race?

Have economic crisis and recovery increased or decreased inequality? It depends where you look.

Blessing from Underwear

by Wan Ulfa Nur Zuhra and Yodie Hardiyan,  Indonesia

Special Life Stories

In an open contest, teams of journalists and photographers went out to create intimate biographic portraits of Allianz microinsurance customers. The best three portraits have received the first ever “Allianz Microinsurance Life Stories” Award.

The Second Chance

by Sofie Syarief,  Indonesia

From the mud floor to designing algorithms

by Jimmy John and Anoop Khanna,  India

Treading the town, harvesting hopes

by Theresia Junita Christy. Photos by Fransiskus Parulian Simbolon,  Indonesia

Does climate change cause wild weather?

This gallery explores the relationship between human-induced climate change and extreme weather events like the recent cyclone in Vanuatu.

Everything is possible in growing a small business

by Ratna Wahyuningsih and Lukmanul Daulay,  Indonesia

Top ten causes of financial loss for businesses

A new report by Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty examines global developments in insurance claims, highlighting the top causes of loss.    

Oktoberfest visitors unaware of drunk driving limits

Drunk Driving at Oktoberfest - Watch visitors discuss drunk driving at Munich's Oktoberfest after being asked to guess the legal amount of drinks to drive in their countries.