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The real-life damage costs in Grand Theft Auto V

How much would the havoc wreaked in the video game cost in reality?

Six common investor mistakes

Our ideas about "risk" play a role in our investment decisions, for better or for worse. 

Berlin to Shanghai by bicycle

Paul and Hansen Hoepner cycled from Berlin to Shanghai. One lesson of their 13,000-kilometer long adventure: cyclists are an 'endangered' species, especially ...

Robotic hand gives hope to the disabled

For many thousands of years, artificial limbs allowed only restricted movements. However, they have gradually become more flexible and come closer to matching the original.

The changing face of piracy

The release of tense new Hollywood thriller Captain Phillips has brought piracy back into the headlines – at least on the entertainment pages.

Eight ways to protect your property from windstorms

The key to minimizing storm damage to your property is being prepared.  

Financial education boosts Indonesia’s economic growth

Even as millions rise out of poverty, Indonesians still lag when it comes to financial literacy. Education may be the key to continued development.        

Polar expert: climate change report “complacent”

Global warming impacts are much worse than the “outdated” IPCC assessment admits, official reviewer tells Open Knowledge.

IPCC climate change facts: Humanity is responsible

A guide to the climate science underpinning efforts to combat global warming, from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

The truth about climate change models

Computer models that predict climate change are getting better, but forecasting local-level changes is still a major challenge.