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Why electric cars will become affordable

The holy grail for electric vehicles—affordable batteries—should be a reality by 2020, creating conditions for mass adoption.

How one schoolboy could cut 1.8m tons of CO2

Jonny Cohen has been dreaming of making America’s school buses greener since he was 12. Now the high school inventor is on the verge of success.

Top 10 largest cities exposed to natural disasters

According to a recent urbanization report from the United Nations, these are the top ten largest cities with the highest disaster risks.

Eleven ways waste makes alternative fuels

Waste not, want not. See examples of waste products being recycled into alternative fuels.

Eight trends that are changing mobility

The Jetsons' flying car might be a bit far-fetched, but here are some other trends that are changing how people and things move around in our world. 

What air travel will look like in 2050

From bionic fuselages to formation flying, Airbus offers its vision of the future of flight.

Weird ways to produce electricity

Growing demands and shrinking conventional energy sources call for creative ideas to produce electricity. See how methods of transportation, cows, trains, nightclubs, and trees could play a part.

Black box is motorists' guardian angel

A telematics black box in your car not only calculates premiums by usage, but may also save your life, says Jacques Amselem, CEO of Allianz Telematics.

Fighting floods with water

In a flood situation, how can adding more water help? David Dooleage, inventor of the AquaDam, says fighting floods with water is superior to sandbags.

Twelve amazing visions of future mobility

Learn about the public and private transport concepts that could radically change the way we move around.