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Drinking sea water during drought

Australia is the driest continent on earth. The solution to the problem is making waves: Australia is tapping the seas.

Nature’s climate archives: Corals, wood and pollen

Learn more about how tree rings, corals and even pollen fossils reveal global temperature variations over thousands of years.

Twelve facts about India's demographic change

Despite falling fertility and reduced growth rates India is on its way to becoming the world’s most populated country. Find out what this means.

Gendercide: India's missing girls

Wealthy, well-educated Indians are choosing not to have girl children, explains Neelambar Hatti of the Department of Economic History at Lund University.

Poles apart: India's demographic divide

There is a stark north-south divide in India that could have far-reaching consequences, says K.S. James from the Institute for Social and Economic Change.

India's urban migration crisis

An indian urbanization expert warns of consequences of mass migration to slum cities.

The best ways to prevent women dying young

The vast majority of deaths among women due to maternal or sexual ill-health are preventable if societies take these steps.

Geothermal energy: The power beneath us

Could we harness volcano power? Geothermal energy systems tap the Earth’s inner heat and could provide a significant chunk of global electricity production.

What the growing wealth gap means for our future

Growing inequality makes countries worse, Richard Wilkinson argued at the TEDGlobal 2011 conference. In a world of 7 billion, this trend must be confronted.

Ten lessons learned from natural disasters

We can’t prevent natural disasters, but we can mitigate their impacts. This gallery illustrates what we've learned from past floods, storms and earthquakes that might help us in the future.