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Interview with Lorella Sdrigotti

How would you describe your job to a child?


Lorella Sdrigotti: I would say that people are usually worried about incidents and all the negative things that can happen in life. Many of these people come to me, we sign an agreement, they pay some money and I promise that, in case something goes wrong, I send immediately some colleagues who can help. First, to establish the situation as it was before the incident, and second, to compensate people for the suffering and the pain.


What do you like most about your job?


Firstly, I like the dynamic, innovative side most and how my job has evolved along the last years. For instance, the digitalization of the products and processes underneath. The application of the most advanced actuarial techniques and how all the technology has shaped our thinking. I like to simplify whilst not trivializing the changing behavior of the customers that forces us to look at our daily work with new eyes.


In this regard, I’ve got two mottos: the customer is my employer and don’t do to clients what you wouldn’t like to be done to you.


Secondly, as for the soft side, I enjoy the diversity of people. Leading them, working with the team, in the team and for the team. I like to manage the variety of human beings, different points of view, types of intelligence and personalities. I consider all this an asset for the company and a great privilege to me.


What is the one thing you would advise women to do if they aspire to be top managers?


Persistency in first place. It is a quality useful for everybody, of course, but even more needed by women. Be persistent, don’t give up, never! And be also courageous, stand up for your opinion. Be kind, but firm. State your point of view, even when in the room, there are more senior experienced male bosses.

Lorella Sdrigotti
Lorella Sdrigotti

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