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Allianz Investor Relations

You can reach us Monday to Friday,
7:30 am to 7:00 pm.

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We are pleased to answer your questions concerning stocks, bonds, and the development of the Allianz Group.

You can reach us Monday to Friday, 7:30 am to 7:00 pm.

Phone: +49.89.3800-7555 
Fax: +49.89.3800-3899

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For all other enquiries please contact

Phone: +49.89.3800-0


Allianz SE
Koeniginstrasse 28
80802 Munich


Allianz-​Oliver Schmidt

​Oliver Schmidt

Head of Investor Relations
Phone: +49.89.3800-3963

Allianz-Susanne Arheit

Susanne Arheit

Head of Retail Investor Relations
Phone: +49.89.3800-3324

Allianz-Peter Hardy

Peter Hardy

Investor Relations Manager
Focus: Allianz bonds
Phone: +49.89.3800-18180

Allianz-Reinhard Lahusen

Reinhard Lahusen

Investor Relations Manager
Phone: +49.89.3800-17224

Allianz-Christian Lamprecht

Christian Lamprecht

Investor Relations Manager
Phone: +49.89.3800-3892

Allianz-Frank Stoffel

Frank Stoffel

Investor Relations Manager
Phone: +49.89.3800-18124