• Microinsurance - effective protection against poverty?

    Mar 06, 2015  – 

    Small-scale farmers in Burkina Faso who had taken out an Allianz microinsurance policy against poor weather were left in a worse state than their uninsured colleagues following a drought in 2012. This is the surprising conclusion reached by a study by the Microinsurance Centre, commissioned by Allianz. This is particularly startling because weather insurance products are intended to help protect small-scale farmers from poverty in a more effective manner.

  • Oil price collapse: Winners, losers and adverse side effects

    Mar 05, 2015  – 

    As a result of oil gained by fracking, the United States has become a global swing producer, along with the likes of Saudi Arabia. This means that the sheer quantity of oil that the US sells has a considerable impact on pricing. As a consequence, oil prices have fallen 40 percent since summer 2014. Michael Heise, Chief Economist of Allianz, explains who profits from low oil prices, who suffers as a consequence, and where they pose a danger to the global economy.

  • 7 products to protect the environment

    Mar 05, 2015  – 

    Currently you can help protect the environment with more than 150 green solutions covering all of our business segments, including insurance and investment products and services. You will find 7 of them in our interactive graphic.

  • Women in leadership at Allianz

    Mar 04, 2015  – 

    Allianz is committed to diversity and career development for women. The company has set itself the target to increase the percentage of women in its global talent pools for top management positions to 30 percent until year-end 2015. In the following interviews female top managers of Allianz Group share their personal insights.


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