Fraud Warning

Indication of suspicious or fraudulent activities

Allianz takes all information regarding suspicious or fraudulent activities very seriously. Please inform us at, if you suspect that you have been written to or verbally approached under the improper use of the brand name "Allianz" or the company logo (Allianz Logo) or if the brand name or logo of Allianz are fraudulently used in the Internet.

The following link provides you with a list of the biggest Allianz companies:

Fraudulent insurance certificates used by Tessline and others

Allianz has been made aware that some alleged investment companies are advertising products with a purported insurance coverage by Allianz. A fraudulent insurance certificate that appears to be issued by Allianz SE is provided as confirmation (see example here). 

Allianz SE would like to advise its customers that this policy was not issued by Allianz SE nor any other Allianz entity and that Allianz does not support or promote any of these companies or investment products. We strongly urge our customers to conduct a thorough due diligence before acquiring any investment products which are promoted with this fraudulent insurance certificate. 

To protect our customers and the public, Allianz has commenced legal action in respect of Tessline Limited and would like to draw attention to a recently published warning from the Central Bank of Ireland for Tessline Limited, one of the companies known to be using this certificate to offer investment products. 

Please forward any such suspicious activities and/ or contact your local authorities. 

February 2019

Fraudulent job offers used for money laundering-scam

Allianz has become aware that individuals have been contacted via text message to their cell phones and offered a job as customer service analyst or mystery shopper for Allianz. Initially, they are asked to forward personal details via e-mail to email addresses using the domain Subsequently, the prospects are asked for further information, tasks are assigned to them and cheques are forwarded to them.

Allianz is aware that individuals in Canada have been in scope so far. We would like to inform you that this approach is not related to Allianz at all, and is believed to be for the purpose of money laundering.

If you receive any suspicious requests, please do not respond. We strongly advise you not to share any personal information. Do not deposit any received cheques and do not remit money on any account. 

Please forward suspicious approaches to and/ or contact your local authorities. 

August 2016

Financial guarantees fraud

Allianz has become aware that foreign insurance agencies and other financial service providers have been provided with financial guarantees under the Allianz brand for significant sums of money. In one known case the guarantees were drafted by an insurance agent purporting to act on behalf of Allianz.

Allianz is aware that customers in Italy, USA, UK, Austria, Switzerland, Cyprus and the Netherlands have been in scope so far. Allianz has also been informed that similar guarantees via a London Bank are being sent to investors in the US.

We would like to inform you that Allianz does not issue financial guarantees. If you receive any suspicious guarantees, please do not respond. Please forward them to or contact your local Allianz company for confirmation.

January 2016