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Demographic Pulse: Africa: Out of poverty with clever women

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Africa's population predictions raise the prospects of an economic upturn. In soccer, African hopes will be pinned in the coming weeks on the African teams competing in the World Cup: South Africa, Algeria, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Cameroon and Nigeria. These same countries also serve as prime examples of the challenges facing the African continent as well as the opportunities opening up for them. "From a demographic point of view, African countries will have a historical opportunity in the coming years to defeat poverty – provided that the right actions are taken," said Michael Heise, Chief Economist and head of Corporate Development of Allianz, summing up the results of the latest Allianz Demographic Pulse.

, Jun 22, 2010

The six African countries competing in the World Cup are among the most populous states in Africa. However, they differ immensely in size: Nigeria's population of around 158 million is over three times larger than the host country South Africa, which according to the last census has just under 50 million inhabitants. But in other respects, too, the African continent is characterized by huge differences between the countries in the north and south on the one hand and the central African countries on the other, especially with regard to birth rates, prosperity and education.