The slow recovery in global demand and new Delta risks hardly bode well in the short run

Last update – November 2021
Business environment risk
Political risk
Commercial risk
  • Good level of margin usually reckoning with the high value added products of the industry, notably aircraft
  • Surge in people’s mobility across the APAC region considered as the future growth driver for the sector
  • Government support through defense expenditure on the rise
  • US president Biden’s stimulus package of USD1.9trn in new infrastructure to bolster transport equipment
  • Aircraft manufacturing taking advantage of an alluring situation of duopoly
  • Skyrocketing R&D costs in developing new transport equipment models
  • High level of indebtedness among railway and aircraft manufacturers
  • Stringent government rules regarding greenhouse gas emissions that zero in on heavily polluting transport equipment models
  • Aircraft and ship manufacturing along with their supply chains jeopardized by the pandemic fallout

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Country   Role Sector risk

#1 Market by revenue

Sensitive risk
United States

#2 Market by revenue

Sensitive risk

#3 Market by revenue

Medium risk
Marc Livinec
Allianz Trade