New consumption patterns due to digitalization and environmental awareness are negatively reshaping the sector

Last update – October 2022
Political risk
Political risk
Commercial risk
  • With the exponential development of e-commerce, we expect an increase in the demand for boxes and packaging made of cardboard/paper.
  • Further growth potential in line with the expectations of continuous population growth, which will induce a greater demand for sanitary/hygiene products.
  • Greater environmental awareness will continue to promote the use of paper packaging instead of plastic (especially in the food industry).
  • Digitalization: new pandemic-induced practices, such as home-office and home-schooling, have created a dependency on digital, giving priority to the use of computers and tablets. Fewer notebooks, paper-sheets and printed books will be used in the years to come.
  • Deforestation: the excessive use of land for planting and felling trees represents a great reputational risk for the sector.
  • Vulnerable to energy and chemicals access and prices: higher input costs are damaging the margins of the pulp subsector.
Maria Latorre
Allianz Trade