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We provide economic and strategic advice to Allianz. Together with the research units of the subsidiaries, we have access to a unique research network. Our services range from analysis and forecasts to assessments and recommendations based on our analysis and forecasts. Externally, we represent the position of Allianz on economic issues, with the focus on economic and social problems and questions of economic policy.

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Allianz global research network analyzes economic, industrial, interest rate and currency developments as well as medium and long-term trends on the equity and bond markets. The figures and forecasts we provide are designed to back your decisions on investment and in finance and insurance matters.
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PIMCO is the global fixed income platform of Allianz Global Investors, the asset management arm of Allianz Group.As one of the world's largest active bond managers, PIMCO manages a wide range of investment products. The company strives to add value by outperforming the benchmark, without significantly increasing risk. Portfolio Managers at PIMCO have expertise in all sectors of the bond market. PIMCO has achieved its consistent performance record by actively managing all aspects of its portfolios. The website of PIMCO provides information on bond markets, on PIMCO products and strategies, as well as current TV commentaries.
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Euler Hermes

The world's number one credit insurance provider, Euler Hermes group helps companies wherever they trade, to safeguard and grow their business. The extensive range of credit management solutions is supported by a uniquely powerful knowledge of financial strength of companies and markets. Euler Hermes provides credit insurance, risk assessment and trade debt collection for companies of all sizes. Specialists in economics and country risk analysis monitor and assess macro- and micro-economic developments across the globe.
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Allianz Global Investors

Allianz Global Investors comprises entrepreneurial investment platforms focused on pursuing outperformance through thoughtful and disciplined investment processes. Well-resourced teams bring deep knowledge of the securities and markets in which they invest, and manage portfolios designed to deliver risk-controlled, consistent performance results.

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