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Allianz - Allianz-Internships all over the world

Just started or right in the middle of your studies? Perfect! Join our financial community as an intern today. Allianz Group's various organizational entities - such as Allianz Life in the U.S., Allianz France, Allianz Germany, PIMCO or Allianz Global Assistance - are continuously looking for students who want to implement real business projects within our company.

Applications are either welcome throughout the year or at specific times (e.g. for our summer internship schemes).

  Internships – general information

  • Allianz-Requirements


  • Allianz-Internship duration

    Internship duration

  • Allianz-Potential operational areas

    Potential operational areas

  • Allianz-We are looking for students who have...

    We are looking for students who have...



It is necessary to fill a number of requirements before working as an intern at one of the Allianz OEs in Germany.
  • To become an intern at Allianz SE (global headquarters) or any other Allianz company located in Germany you should be enrolled at university for the complete duration of employment. In order to do an internship you should either be enrolled at university or be in the gap year between Bachelor and Master. Exception: Students who want to do a voluntary placement up to three months do not need to be enrolled.The requirements for internships at our international entities may vary.
  • You need a German income tax card. You can apply for this in your respective community. If you are going to be in Germany for less than 183 days and Germany is not your country of residence, we will help you get the necessary documentation from the German tax authorities.
  • We need a social insurance certificate for your internship. Exception: mandatory internships. International students will receive this certificate when they apply for health insurance.
  • Students from the expanded European Union (countries that joined after 2004) need a separate work permit if they plan to work for longer than 90 days.
  • All students who are not from the (expanded) European Union need work and residence permits.

Allianz OEs in other countries may have different requirements. Please visit the corresponding local Careers website for more information.

Allianz-Internship duration

Internship duration

We want you to learn as much as you can during your internship at Allianz, which is why it is best to spend at least three months at the company – ideally longer. This is the best way to gain deep insights into our international company. You will also have the opportunity to run your own projects from beginning to end and see successful results.
Allianz-Potential operational areas

Potential operational areas

We have over 100 professions at our company. Just about every profession imaginable is represented at our company.

Interns can support the Allianz Group in all types of areas, including:

  • Actuarial and risk management/controlling
  • IT
  • Legal/compliance
  • Finance and investment management
  • Personal
  • Business development
  • Marketing and communication
  • etc.
Allianz-We are looking for students who have...

We are looking for students who have...

  • potentially completed other internships and have international experience.
  • (very) good English skills. This is one of our standard requirements due to our multinational working environment.
  • ideally completed their basic studies.
  • outstanding grades.
  • shown their versatility and commitment through extracurricular activities.
  • the ability to make valuable contributions to the team while learning from his/her colleagues.

Allianz is an inclusive employer that welcomes people with different nationalities, LGBT, of different age groups and with disabilities

  The Allianz SE – Intern Program

  • What we offer

  • Our Facebook Community

What we offer

  • Welcome meeting: We organize a get-together for all Allianz newcomers on the first work day of each month.
  • Introduction day: Once a month, we give our new interns a thorough introduction to the company – only in German.
  • Intern lunch: A table in the cafeteria at Allianz headquarters is reserved specifically for interns every second and last Thursday of the month.
  • Intern events: Each year, we organize special events specifically for our interns – like a tour of the Allianz Arena, a visit to the Allianz general meeting, or a walking tour through the Allianz Center for Technology.
  • Meet former employees: Learn from the people who definitely have the answers: Our alumni network gives you the opportunity to contact former interns and get helpful advice.

For a brief summary, download our flyer

Our Facebook Community

Information on all activities for interns and working students organized by Allianz SE, Allianz Germany or the intern community is circulated via e-mail or posted on Facebook. Join the Facebook community “Interns and Working Students at Allianz SE” to meet your peers online and stay up to date on the latest events. The Facebook group also provides advice on searching for apartments.

Join our Facebook community!

For general information about careers at Allianz Group worldwide, follow Allianz Careers on Facebook

  Internships at our locations

Allianz - Allianz-Allianz Austria

Allianz Austria is looking especially for IT students throughout the year!

Internships at Allianz Austria

Allianz - Allianz-Allianz France

Allianz France offers internships for nearly all kinds of subjects of studies.

Internships at Allianz France

Allianz - Allianz-Allianz Germany

Allianz Germany offers internships in all functional areas.

Internships at Allianz Germany

Allianz - Allianz-Allianz UK

Choose between the regular summer internship scheme or the special one-year lasting IT internship program of Allianz UK.

Internships at Allianz UK

  Internships at our organizations

Allianz - Allianz-Allianz Global Assistance U.S.

Allianz Global Assistance U.S. offers internships in all major departments such as Finance, Risk or Actuarial.

Internships at Allianz Global Assistance U.S.

Allianz - Allianz Global Investors

Start your career at one of the world's largest active investment management companies - AllianzGI.

Internships at Allianz Global Investors

Allianz - Allianz-Allianz Life

Allianz Life in the U.S. offers 12- and 14-weeks internship programs in spring and summer each year.

Internships at Allianz Life

Allianz - Allianz-Allianz AMOS

Allianz Managed Operations & Services is the internal shared services provider for Allianz Group. As an intern you will get insight into one of our various divisions.

Allianz - Allianz-PIMCO

Join one of the world's most acknowledged investment firms! PIMCO's London office offers MBA summer internships, for example.

Internships at PIMCO

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