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Nuraileen Farahain Binti Mohd Ariff

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  About Nuraileen

Allianz - Nuraileen

Nuraileen Farahain Binti Mohd Ariff
Allianz Malaysia

About Nuraileen
Nuraileen's recruiting specialty is recruitment for Allianz Life in Malaysia. She is easy-going, loyal and people oriented.

Nuraileen's most memorable interview
"'Maybe you can share your biggest/greatest achievement so far?' I would think this particular question is one that is asked by the majority of recruiters or hiring managers during an interview. I’ll never forget interviewing a fresh graduate who had applied for an Account Executive position. She asked me if she could have a moment to think about her answer. No problem at all. She closed her eyes and I could see she was deep in thought. She opened her eyes and (in all seriousness) said 'I made a mean chicken curry for my project team after we had completed our final year project!'"

Nuraileen's LinkedIn Profile

  General questions answered by Nuraileen

Allianz - General questions

Our recruiter explains it all – starting with general questions about their job and private life.

The average recruitment process at Nuraileen's Allianz Unit
"The recruitment process starts usually with the request coming from the Head of Department. They submit their request together with the job description or the organization chart. Then, we immediately start looking for people fitting the job profile. Therefore we use jobstreet, career mail and the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). We hand our preselection to the Hiring Manager and start arranging and conducting the job interview.  Once the candidates are shortlisted, the hiring process continues including salary benchmark and reference checks. After the Head of Division or the Head of Department has approved, we make an offer to the candidate. If this offer is accepted, we arrange a medical checkup. Once this checkup is completed, we release the Offer Letter, discuss the joining date and update the Hiring Manager."

What should people know about the Allianz Unit you recruit for
before applying?
"They should know that Allianz is an insurance provider with solutions from A to Z."

Why are you proud to work at Allianz Group?
"I’m proud to work at Allianz Group, because it is an international company."

Explain a little bit about your professional background.
"iCIMB (M) Berhad (Feb 09 – Oct 09),
 RHB Bank Berhad ( Nov 09 – June 13),
 Allianz Malaysia Berhad (July13present)."

What is the most exciting part of your workday?
"The most exciting part is, when the candidate has accepted the job offer."

What are some of your professional interests?
“My professional interest is Human Resource."

How do you like to spend your time outside of work?
"I like to spend quality time with family."

Allianz - General questions quote Nuraileen

  Application questions answered by Nuraileen

Allianz - Application questions

Let’s get straight to the point! Here is some first-hand application advice from our recruiter.

What advice do you have for people submitting an application?
"Give clear and complete information!"

What is the first thing you look for when you receive an application?
"The first things I look for are working experience and family background."

Why should people apply via the Allianz online system?
"It saves paper. Furthermore, recruiters spend most of the time doing resume search online."

How long does it take for applicants to hear back after applying?
"It takes five working days."

How can an applicant make sure his or her application stands out from the crowd?
"It stands out through his/ her achievement during his/ her work history."

Is there anything that people should be sure to avoid in their applications?
"Please do not attach other than passport photos."

What features or information are you most excited to find in an application?
"The application should feature the criteria that fit our requirements."

Allianz - Application questions quote Nuraileen

  Interview questions answered by Nuraileen

Allianz - Interview questions

Taking the final step: Learn about the tips and tricks for a successful job interview!

Do you have any tips that applicants should keep in mind during their interviews?
"Be well prepared and understand the position you applied for."

What is the most important thing you want to learn about someone in an interview?
"The most important things are his/ her key successes and the behavior of the candidates."

How long does a job interview usually last at your Allianz Unit?
"A job interview usually takes 45 minutes to an hour."

What are a few of the questions you like to ask your interviewees?
"Strengths and weaknesses.
Reasons why they are looking for a new job.
Their achievements.
How they can contribute to the company."

What should interviewees be sure to mention, even if you don't ask about it directly?
"Sometimes I wish candidates would take notes more often."

In your opinion, what distinguishes a good interview from a great interview?
“For me, a great interview means that after having received the perfect answers from a candidate, there shouldn’t be the feeling that he/she has a 'black spot'.”

Allianz - Interview questions quote Nuraileen

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