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  Individual development opportunities

A woman interested in development opportunities at Allianz

Our personnel policy is centered on well-trained on motivated employees. This is why we offer the following benefits to our staff:


  • Onboarding programs to prepare you for management positions
  • Specific career tracks to promote our experts and specialists
  • Personal development through a number of different seminars, e.g. at our corporate university (Allianz Management Institute)
  • Career opportunities around the world within our global Group

  Work-life balance

An image of a woman playing with a baby

Every person operates at a different rhythm. This is why we designed work time models that give our employees flexibility in planning and arranging their work and leisure time:

  • Flextime: You can work whenever you want within a defined window
  • Part time: We design every part-time model in line with your specific needs
  • Vacation: The number of vacation days varies depending on the country and Allianz OE. Employees at the German OEs, including Allianz SE, are entitled to 30 days of vacation. This does not include special leave and compensation time following work trips
  • Home office: Work from home whenever you need to
  • Family service: We offer day care to the children of our employees in Germany, including our own Allianz kids’ group, “Blaue Zwerge” (“Blue dwarfs”). We will also take care of your children and elderly relatives in emergencies
  • Sabbatical: We offer both part-time and leave options

  Health management

Photo of a woman doing gymnastics

Your health is important to us. Take advantage of the many offers available at Allianz:

  • Company doctor: You’re not feeling well? Our Allianz company doctors will take care of you
  • Preventative care: Each year, we offer preventative care exams at various locations for issues like intestinal or breast cancer
  • Exercise: participate in one of our many fitness courses (e.g. yoga), or sign up for one of the Allianz sports clubs (e.g. at the Munich office)
  • Protection: Benefit from the reduced rates with Allianz Privaten Krankenversicherungs-AG (only in Germany)

  Compensation & Benefits

  • Compensation


    The compensation system at Allianz consists of monthly gross salaries as well as special payments according to a specific scale. Currently, employees receive a special payment amounting to 50 percent of their gross monthly salary in May, and an 80 percent payment in November. These special payments are prorated for new employees once their probationary period is up.

    Allianz also allows non-managerial employees to share in company profits. Each May, they receive a variable bonus based on the company goals achieved in the previous fiscal year. A bonus of .8 monthly salaries is paid if 100 percent of the goals are achieved. The monthly salary used as the basis for this bonus is the December salary including all additional pay from the relevant fiscal year. Employees who join Allianz during the year receive prorated bonuses.

  • Profit sharing and employee incentives

    Profit sharing and employee incentives

    You share in our company’s success

    Our employees benefit from the Allianz Group’s success and performance throughout profit sharing and employee stock programs. Our staff identifies more strongly with the company and its goals as a result, and this informs the individual actions they take to benefit the business.

    Employee stock program

    Our employee stock plan has given employees the opportunity to purchase Allianz SE stock at a reduced strike price over the past few years. Around two-thirds of employees take advantage of this offer.

    Profit sharing

    Each May, all non-managerial employees receive a variable bonus based on the company goals achieved in the previous fiscal year.

    Annual bonus

    Management-level employees and selected specialists receive variable annual bonuses based on the company and personal goals achieved each fiscal year.

  • Retirement plan

    Retirement plan

    Invest in your future

    The Allianz retirement plan is an important element of our compensation package designed to help bridge the considerable gap between your last net salary and state pension. The only way to fill this gap is to make individual arrangements in addition to your company retirement plan.

    Allianz pension

    At Allianz, the pension plan consists of a powerful combination: Allianz Versorgungskasse (Allianz Pension Fund – AVK) and Allianz Pensionsverein (Allianz Pension Association – APV). All employees are required to be members of the AVK, an independent pension fund. They contribute three percent of their monthly salary, with the maximum contribution matching the income threshold of the Deutsche Rentenversicherung (German pension organization). Allianz increases this self-financed contribution with the Allianz Pensionverein, an insured pension trust. When employees reach retirement age, they can expect far more than their state pension has to offer.

    Supplementary pension

    Everyone needs to make arrangements for retirement in order to maintain a certain quality of life – regardless of one’s salary. Beitragsorientierte Pensionsvertrag (Defined Contribution Pension Contract – BPV) supplements the AVK and APV retirement provisions for income above the threshold of the Deutsche Rentenversicherung. The BPV is a voluntary benefit financed completely by Allianz.

    Pensionszusage durch Gehaltsverzicht (Salary Cut Pension Commitment – PZE)

    PZE is based on the principle of transforming a share of your gross salary to receive a fully vested pension commitment of equal value from Allianz. The funds are converted from the gross salary, which makes it unnecessary to deduct taxes or potentially social insurance contributions. This makes PZE even more attractive. Employees benefit from increased gains on the saved contributions, and usually have a lower tax liability during retirement. Allianz offers two different versions of PZE.

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